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As Full As Possible List of EIG Companies and Brands With Details (Beware EIG Hosting!)

EIG hosting and brands

Moderators of Wikipedia decided that Endurance International Group (EIG)'s page should NOT contain the list of the brands (including hosting) that EIG owns. So they edited the wiki page and removed the list of EIG hosting companies and other EIG brands. Although the wiki page did not contain the full list of hosting providers owned by Endurance International Group, I've fixed it my way - I've put … [Read more...]

Backup WordPress To Google Drive: Automatic, Free And Easy Cake With UpdraftPlus plugin

Backup wordpress to google drive - title

Want to know how to backup WordPress to Google Drive (or maybe to other place) to save it from evil and disaster? Free, easy and effectively? You're in the right tutorials! By the way, I personally see it as one of the best ways to backup your website to the cloud for free. Introduction or what you'll find in this article with tutorials about WordPress backups In this yummy-yummy article … [Read more...]

One Best Security Plugin For WordPress or Combination of Plugins?

the best security plugin for WordPress

1. Intro Let me assume you are concerned about your website safety or have already been hacked. And you would like to know what is the best security plugin for WordPress out there. You might have heard of some of them and you don't know which one to choose to make your site protected from hackers and malicious bots. I've made a research on WordPress security plugins and solutions and would … [Read more...]

Protect Your WP Site From Hacking Step-by-Step – Easy And Very Effective

password hacking I've got you

Introduction No one wants to wake up one morning and see that his or her website was hacked. You don't want that, do you? Lost data, lost money, headache and lots of time spent on your website recovery - it's not the full list of the 'pleasures' that you can get literally in any second, even while you are reading these lines right now (at least 1,250 sites are hacked every hour). I've written … [Read more...]

Blown FatCow Review or how I test-rode a half-dead web hosting and what you can learn from it

FatCow test drive

Introduction I'd like to share my one-month experience of using FatCow web hosting which is one of the brands owned by Endurance International Group (EIG). And I'll give you tips how to avoid being manipulated as a customer and how you can leverage you marketing efforts as an entrepreneur by revealing you the FatCow lessons I've learned. From this article you'll know: Why numerous top web … [Read more...]

Don’t look that it is a nice Amazon spider, it might be stealing your content!

stop web crawling from amazon web servers (AWS)

After reading Neil Patel's post about some content marketing tips, I've adjusted my .htaccess file in order to block web scrapers from Amazon Web Services (a platform that can be used for scraping websites). Why to Block Web Scrapers From Amazon Web Services? Web scrapers can steal your content, publish it somewhere else and thus cause duplicate content. It can negatively affect your site … [Read more...]

How to get off the marketing hook of time scarcity pressure

time scarcity preasure - marketing pitch

Hey, I'm not against of marketing which is indeed helpful. I'm against of manipulative selling pitches. Because pitches are something that make you buy some product NOW, even if you regret about it a bit later. And if you wait for a while, measure it twice, you may realize that you do not need that stuff. Or you may find a better deal. I'm an idealist from many perspectives, and I … [Read more...]

Disadvantages of Truthful Marketing and Hypnosis

Truthful vs. Lying Marketing – All marketers are liars – 10

Daydreaming with Seth Godin – All Marketers Are Liars, part 10 The table of contents for the whole series is here. This is the tenth part of discussions about Seth Godin's bestseller book “All marketers are liars”. And we'll talk below about hypnosis and disadvantages of truthful marketing. You may want to have a look at the previous session where we touched the problems that lying … [Read more...]

How Do You Use Your Marketing Power?

Ideas from Seth Godin's book "All Marketer Are liars", part 9

Daydreaming with Seth Godin – All Marketers Are Liars, part 9 The table of contents for the whole series is here. This is the ninth part of daydreaming with discussions about Seth Godin's bestseller book “All marketers are liars”. Have a look at the previous episode where we continued arguing about Seth Godin's book and pondered upon if lie affect personality of liars and why lying … [Read more...]

My question to Seth Godin that did not come through

I tried to post my comment on, but for some reason it did not appear there. I assumed it was too big. It also did not let me to post the comment again, saying that the comment was already there. So I'm posting that comment on my website. Update: Brian Clark from Copyblogger was kind to look for my comment on his website … [Read more...]