As Full As Possible List of EIG Companies and Brands With Details (Beware EIG Hosting!)

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EIG hosting and brands

Moderators of Wikipedia decided that Endurance International Group (EIG)’s page should NOT contain the list of the brands (including hosting) that EIG owns. So they edited the wiki page and removed the list of EIG hosting companies and other EIG brands. Although the wiki page did not contain the full list of hosting providers owned by Endurance International Group, I’ve fixed it my way – I’ve put together all EIG companies, brands and trade marks in one place in this post. I did it because otherwise it would be harder to find out the truth about hosting.

I want people to know which companies EIG controls, because I sincerely want to help people avoid EIG (you can find the reasons why in my hosting research and in this article in particular).
The last version of wiki page about EIG can be found in the Internet Archive here.

In addition, you’ll not find a full list of hosts that EIG owns on its official website. It confirms EIG’s strategy to make acquisitions silently, leave less footprints and so to hide the truth from people that many hosts do not operate independently, but belong to EIG. It makes users who are fed up with bad hosting performance switch from one host to another being unaware that they don’t really change hosting company.

EIG even removed a page from its website that said the following:

Acquisitions are a key component of our growth strategy. Using a proprietary methodology, we have completed acquisitions with more than 30 hosting companies and migrated hundreds of thousands of customers onto our platform since 2001.
(Source: a copy saved on June 28, 2012)

Full List of EIG Hosting Companies (beware and avoid them!)

(The list is compiled mostly based on news in the mass media. See the sources below the list).
Also, use search on the page (Ctrl-F) to check if a company is included in the lists below and belongs to EIG.

EIG hosting
Do you want to take this image to your website? Use this HTML code:
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This image will always have the latest information, because I will update the image when EIG acquires new hosts. Use the code above to always have the latest version of this image.

2slick (
Belongs to EIG since April 2010 or earlier [1]

AccountSupport (
Belongs to EIG since April 2010 or earlier [1, 2, 24] (
Belongs to EIG since April 2010 or earlier [1, 2, 24]

AptHost (
Belongs to EIG as a part of since at least June 25, 2015 [36, 37, 38, 39]

A Small Orange (
Acquired by EIG in July 2010 [3, 5]

Arvixe (
Acquired by EIG in October 2014 [4, 9]

Athenix Corporation, Athenix Inc. (
Belongs to EIG since 2012 or earlier [40, 41]

Berry Information Systems L.L.C. (
Belongs to EIG since April 2010 or earlier [1]

BigRock (
Acquired in January 2014 [3, 7]

BizLand (
Former name of EIG. Founded in 1996 [1, 2, 6, 24]

BlueDomino (
Belongs to EIG since April 2010 or earlier [1, 2, 24]

BlueFur (
Belongs to EIG since at least 25, June 2015 [36, 37]

BlueHost (
Acquired by EIG in November 2010 [8, 24]

Cloud by IX (
Acquired by EIG in Q4 2015 with IXWebHosting [58, 59, 60]

Directi Web Technologies (Directi,
Acquired in January 2014 [7, 9, 10]

Dollar2Host (
Belongs to EIG since April 2010 or earlier [1]
Belongs to EIG since October 2011 or earlier [2, 3, 12]

DomainHost (
Belongs to EIG since April 2010 or earlier [1, 2, 24]

Dotster (
Belongs to EIG since July 2011 or earlier [2, 3, 12, 13] (
Belongs to EIG since April 2010 or earlier [1, 2, 24]

EasyCGI (
Belongs to EIG since July 2009 or earlier [1, 2, 14, 24]

Ehost (
Belongs to EIG since April 2010 or earlier [1, 2, 24]

EntryHost (
Belongs to EIG since April 2010 or earlier [1, 2, 24]

Escalate Internet (
Belongs to EIG since April 2010 or earlier [1, 2]

FastDomain (
Has become part of Bluehost since December 2006 (or earlier) [11, 24]
Bluehost was later acquired by EIG (see above)

FatCow (,
Belongs to EIG since May 2007 or earlier [1, 2, 3, 18, 24]
(by the way, here’s my negative FatCow review, filled with marketing tips and anti-manipulation advice)

FreeYellow (
Belongs to EIG since May 2007 or earlier [1, 2, 18, 24]

Globat (Glob@t,
Belongs to EIG since April 2010 or earlier [1, 2, 24]

Homestead Technologies, Inc. (
Belongs to EIG since April 2010 or earlier [1, 2]

HostADay (
Belongs to EIG since April 2010 or earlier [1]

HostCentric (
Belongs to EIG since April 2010 or earlier [1, 2, 24]

HostClear (
Bought by JustHost in October 2011 [6], which was later acquired by EIG (see below)

Host Excellence (
Acquired by EIG in Q4 2015 with IXWebHosting [58, 59, 60]

HostGator (
Acquired in June 2012 [3, 15, 24]

HostNine (
Is a sister company of A Small Orange (ASO) [6, 16], which is an EIG hosting (see above).

HostMonster (
Is a sister company of BlueHost [6, 17, 24], which was acquired by EIG (see above) (
Belongs to EIG since April 2010 or earlier [1, 2, 24]

HyperMart (,
Belongs to EIG since May 2007 or earlier [1, 2, 18, 24]

IMOutdoorsHosting (
Belongs to EIG since April 2010 or earlier [1, 2, 24]

IdeaHost (
Belongs to EIG [29] (
BigRock, which is a part of EIG, launched since 15, Dec 2015 [61, 62, 63]

Intuit Websites
Acquired in August 2012 [19]

iPage (
Belongs to EIG since April 2010 or earlier [1, 2, 3, 24]

iPower (IpowerWeb,
Belongs to EIG since May 2007 or earlier [1, 2, 18, 24]

IX Web Hosting (
Acquired by EIG in Q4 2015 [58, 59]

JustCloud (
Belongs to EIG since February 2014 or earlier [20]

JustHost (
Acquired by EIG in 2010 [6, 21, 24]

LogicBoxes (
Acquired by Directi [6, 22], which was bought by EIG (see above)

MyDomain (
Belongs to EIG [2, 6]

MyResellerHome (
Belongs to EIG since April 2010 or earlier [1, 6]

NamesDirect (
Belongs to EIG since 2011 or earlier [12]

NameZero (
Belongs to EIG since 2011 or earlier [12, 40]

NetFirms (
Was acquired by EIG in 2011 [2, 24, 25]

NetworksHosting (
Belongs to EIG since April 2010 or earlier [1, 2, 24]

Nexx (
Was acquired by EIG in 2012 or earlier [12, 24, 26]

PowWeb (
Belongs to EIG since May 2007 or earlier [1, 2, 18, 24]

PureHost (
Belongs to EIG since May 2007 or earlier [1, 2, 18, 24]

ReadyHosting (,
Belongs to EIG since April 2010 or earlier [1, 2, 24]

ResellerClub (
Acquired in January 2014 [3, 7]

SEO Hosting (,
Was part of HostGator [6] which was later acquired by EIG (see above)

Site5 (
Belongs to EIG since the 4th of August 2015 [28]

SiteBuilder (
A part of EIG since Q2 2015 [64]

Sitelio (
A part of EIG [65]

Sitey (
A part of EIG since Q2 2015 [64]

SouthEastWeb (
Belongs to EIG since April 2010 or earlier [1]

Spry (
Belongs to EIG since April 2010 or earlier [1, 2, 24]

StartLogic (
Belongs to EIG since April 2010 or earlier [1, 2, 3, 24]

SuperGreen Hosting (SuperGreenHosting,
Merged with JustHost, which was later acquired by EIG [6, 24]

TightHost (
Belongs to EIG since April 2010 or earlier [1]

TypePad (
Belongs to EIG since 2014 or earlier [3]

UsaNetHosting (
Belongs to EIG since April 2010 or earlier [1, 2, 24]

Verio (
Belongs to EIG since the 4th of August 2015 [28, 34]

Virtual Avenue (
Belongs to EIG since May 2007 or earlier [1, 2, 18, 24]

VPSlink (
Belongs to EIG since April 2010 (Also see other EIG brands and companies in the sections below)or earlier [1, 2, 24]

Web2010 (
Belongs to EIG since April 2010 or earlier [1]

WebDevHosting (
Belongs to EIG since April 2010 or earlier [1] (
Belongs to EIG since April 2010 or earlier [1, 2, 24]
Acquired by Directi [6, 22], which was bought by EIG (see above)

WebSiteBuilder (
A part of EIG since Q2 2015 [64]

WebstrikeSolutions (
Belongs to EIG since April 2010 or earlier [1, 2, 24]

Webzai (
Acquired by EIG in the 3d quarter 2014 [9]

World Wide Web Hosting (
Belongs to EIG since at least June 25, 2015 [33]

Xeran (
Belongs to EIG since April 2010 or earlier [1, 2, 24]

YourWebHosting (
Belongs to EIG since April 2010 or earlier [1, 2, 24]

Websites owned by EIG which are not hosting companies themselves but the front pages of EIG hosting

(Also see other EIG brands and companies in the sections below)

123domainrenewals (
It’s a part of RegistrarAds, Inc. which belongs to EIG [40]
Front site of hosting which belongs to EIG.

1800-website (
It’s a part of RegistrarAds, Inc. which belongs to EIG [40]
Front site of hosting which belongs to EIG.

1st-for-domain-names (
It’s a part of RegistrarAds, Inc. which belongs to EIG [40]
Front site of hosting which belongs to EIG.

995discountdomains (
It’s a part of RegistrarAds, Inc. which belongs to EIG [40]
Front site of hosting which belongs to EIG.

Address Creation (
It’s a part of Dotster, Inc. which belongs to EIG [40]
Front site of hosting.

Addressontheweb (
It’s a part of RegistrarAds, Inc. which belongs to EIG [40]
Front site of hosting which belongs to EIG.

Allaccessdomains (
It’s a part of RegistrarAds, Inc. which belongs to EIG [40]
Front site of hosting which belongs to EIG.

Alldomains (
It’s a part of Dotster, Inc. which belongs to EIG [40, 41]
Front site of hosting.

Allindomains (
It’s a part of RegistrarAds, Inc. which belongs to EIG [40]
Front site of hosting.

Austriadomains (
It’s a part of RegistrarAds, Inc. which belongs to EIG [40]
Front site of hosting which belongs to EIG.

Austriandomains (
It’s a part of RegistrarAds, Inc. which belongs to EIG [40]
Front site of hosting which belongs to EIG.

Bidfordomainnames (
It’s a part of RegistrarAds, Inc. which belongs to EIG [40]
Front site of hosting which belongs to EIG.

Chocolatecovereddomains (
It’s a part of RegistrarAds, Inc. which belongs to EIG [40]
Front site of hosting which belongs to EIG.

Claimeddomains (
It’s a part of RegistrarAds, Inc. which belongs to EIG [40]
Front site of hosting which belongs to EIG.

Columbiadomains (
It’s a part of RegistrarAds, Inc. which belongs to EIG [40]
Front site of hosting which belongs to EIG.

Decentdomains (
It’s a part of RegistrarAds, Inc. which belongs to EIG [40]
Front site of hosting which belongs to EIG.

Department-of-domains (
It’s a part of RegistrarAds, Inc. which belongs to EIG [40]
Front site of hosting which belongs to EIG.

Deutchdomains (
It’s a part of RegistrarAds, Inc. which belongs to EIG [40]
Front site of hosting which belongs to EIG.

Diggitydot (
It’s a part of RegistrarAds, Inc. which belongs to EIG [40]
Front site of hosting which belongs to EIG.

Discountdomainservices (
It’s a part of Dotster, Inc. which belongs to EIG [40]
Front site of hosting which belongs to EIG.

Domain Bank (
It’s a part of Dotster, Inc. which belongs to EIG [40]
Front site of hosting which belongs to EIG.

Domain Pro (
It’s a part of Dotster, Inc. which belongs to EIG [40]
Front site of hosting which belongs to EIG.

Domain-a-go-go (
It’s a part of RegistrarAds, Inc. which belongs to EIG [40]
Front site of hosting which belongs to EIG.

Domainbulkregistration (
It’s a part of RegistrarAds, Inc. which belongs to EIG [40]
Front site of hosting which belongs to EIG.

Domainbusinessnames (
It’s a part of RegistrarAds, Inc. which belongs to EIG [40]
Front site of hosting which belongs to EIG.

Domaincamping (
It’s a part of RegistrarAds, Inc. which belongs to EIG [40]
Front site of hosting which belongs to EIG.

Domainhostingweb (
It’s a part of RegistrarAds, Inc. which belongs to EIG [40]
Front site of hosting which belongs to EIG.

Domaininternetname (
It’s a part of RegistrarAds, Inc. which belongs to EIG [40]
Front site of hosting which belongs to EIG.

Domainnamebidder (
It’s a part of RegistrarAds, Inc. which belongs to EIG [40]
Front site of hosting which belongs to EIG.

Domainnamelookup (
It’s a part of RegistrarAds, Inc. which belongs to EIG [40]
Front site of hosting which belongs to EIG.

Dotregistrar (
It’s a part of Dotster, Inc. which belongs to EIG [40]
Front site of hosting which belongs to EIG.

Enameco (
It’s a part of Dotster, Inc. which belongs to EIG [40]
Front site of hosting which belongs to EIG.

Hostlane (
It’s a part of Dotster, Inc. which belongs to EIG [40]
Front site of hosting which belongs to EIG.

National CA Domains (
It’s a part of Dotster, Inc. which belongs to EIG [40, 41]
Front site of hosting.

Niuedomains (
It’s a part of RegistrarAds, Inc. which belongs to EIG [40]
Front site of hosting which belongs to EIG.

Personalnames (
It’s a part of Dotster, Inc. which belongs to EIG [40]
Front site of hosting which belongs to EIG.

Privacypost (
It’s a part of Dotster, Inc. which belongs to EIG [40, 41]
Front site of hosting.

Register Names (
It’s a part of Dotster, Inc. which belongs to EIG [40, 41]
Front site of hosting.

Samoandomains (
It’s a part of RegistrarAds, Inc. which belongs to EIG [40]
Front site of hosting which belongs to EIG.

Tuvaludomains (
It’s a part of RegistrarAds, Inc. which belongs to EIG [40]
Front site of hosting which belongs to EIG.

Unitedkingdomdomains (
It’s a part of RegistrarAds, Inc. which belongs to EIG [40]
Front site of hosting which belongs to EIG.

Universal Registration Services (
Belongs to EIG since 2013 or earlier [40]
Front site of hosting.

Other existing EIG companies, websites and hosting-related products:

(Also see other EIG brands and companies in the sections below)

The Britannia International Group, Inc. (
Belongs to EIG since 2013 or earlier [40, 41]

Business on tap (
Belongs to EIG since 2015 or earlier [47, 48]

BuyDomains (
Acquired by EIG in the 3d quarter 2014 [9, 10]

Capitaldomains (
It’s a part of RegistrarAds, Inc. which belongs to EIG [40]

Constant Contact (
Acquired by EIG in November 2015 [49]

EmailBrain (
Belongs to EIG since since July 2013 or earlier [40, 41]

The Endurance International Group, Inc. (,
Official EIG website

MojoMarketplace (,,
Acquired by EIG in March 2013 [23]

SEOGears (
Belongs to EIG since 2014 or earlier [3, 24]

SimpleScripts (
Belongs to EIG since the 2013 or ealrier [40, 41]

SiteLock, LLC (
Controlled by EIG since at least 2014 [30]
SiteLock operates as a subsidiary of Unitedweb [31]
Both EIG and SiteLock belong to United Web ( [32]

Spertly (
Belongs to EIG since 2013 or earlier [40, 24, 56]

VDeck (
Belongs to EIG since 2011 [12]

WebSiteMe (
Part of (as well as Belongs to EIG since 2015 or earlier [35] (
Belongs to EIG since 2013 or earlier [24]

Ceased EIG companies and websites (including redirected sites):

(Also see other EIG brands and companies in the sections below)

000Domain (
Belongs to EIG since since July 2013 or earlier [40, 41]
Website ceased.

24x7domain (
It’s a part of RegistrarAds, Inc. Belongs to EIG since since 2013 or earlier [40]
Website under construction.

CarielWeb (
Belongs to EIG since April 2010 or earlier [1]
Website ceased.

Chinesedomains (
It’s a part of RegistrarAds, Inc. which belongs to EIG [40]
Website ceased.

Cocosislandsdomains (
It’s a part of RegistrarAds, Inc. which belongs to EIG [40]
Website redirects to

ComputersConcepts (
Belongs to EIG since April 2010 or earlier [1]
Website ceased.

Domain Name Holding Company (
Belongs to EIG since since July 2013 or earlier [40, 51]
Website ceased.

Domain Collection (
Belongs to EIG since since July 2013 or earlier [40, 41]
Website redirects to
Belongs to EIG since since 2015 or earlier [57]
Website ceased.

Fortune City (
Belongs to EIG since since July 2013 or earlier [40, 41]
Website redirects to

Gator (
Website redirects to

Globuild (
Domain belongs to EIG since 2016 or ealrier [52]
Website ceased.

Launchpad (
Domain belongs to EIG since 2013 or ealrier [40, 41, 53]
Website ceased.

MailEIG (
Belongs to EIG since 2011 [12]
Website redirects to EIG site (

Marketsquare (
Domain belongs to EIG since 2013 or ealrier [40, 41, 54]
Website ceased.
Domain belongs to EIG since 2013 or ealrier [40, 41, 55]
Website ceased.

HostV (
Domain belongs to A Small Orange LLC [66]
Redirects to which belongs to EIG

HostWithMeNow (
Belongs to EIG since April 2010 or earlier [1]
Website ceased.

OsullivanSystems (
Belongs to EIG since April 2010 or earlier [1]
Website ceased.

PipeDNS (
Belongs to EIG since 2011 or earlier [12]
Website ceased.

RegistrarAds, Inc. (
Belongs to EIG since 2013 or earlier [40, 46]
Website ceased.

Saba-Pro (SabaPro,
Belongs to EIG since April 2010 or earlier [1]
Website ceased.
Website redirects to, which is a part of EIG.

Unified Layer (
Belongs to EIG since 2013 or earlier [24]
Website ceased.

WebsiteWelcome (
Belongs to EIG since 2011 [12]
Website ceased.

ZipitDesigns (
Belongs to EIG since April 2010 or earlier [1]
Website ceased.

YourHostingAccount (
Belongs to EIG since 2011 [12]
Website ceased.


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[65], as well as and share the same web site builder as (owned by EIG). They don’t make it transparent, but it’s very likely so. Even their Terms and Services which are very similar, if not to say identical.
[66] URL:

List of other EIG Subsidiaries, Brands, Trademarks

(The list is compiled based on the public financial documentation. See the sources at the end of the list)

000domains, LLC
123domainrenewals, LLC
1800-website, LLC
1st-for-domain-names, LLC
24x7domains, LLC
995discountdomains, LLC
A Small Orange, LLC
Address Creation, LLC
Addressontheweb, LLC
Allaccessdomains, LLC
Alldomains, LLC
Allindomains, LLC
Aspen Insurance
Athenix Corporation
Austriadomains, LLC
Austriandomains, LLC
Bidfordomainnames, LLC
Bluehost Inc.
"Bluehost Inc.,
Capitaldomains, LLC
CAT, INC. dba
Chinesedomains, LLC
Chocolatecovereddomains, LLC
Claimeddomains, LLC
Cocosislandsdomains, LLC
Columbiadomains, LLC
Constant Contact
Decentdomains, LLC
Department-of-domains, LLC
Deutchdomains, LLC
Diggitydot, LLC
Discountdomainservices, LLC
Domain Name Holding Company, Inc.
Domain Pro, LLC
Domain-A-Go-Go, LLC, LLC
Domainbulkregistration, LLC
Domainbusinessnames, LLC
Domaincamping, LLC
"DomainDucks, Inc. dba"
Domainhostingweb, LLC
Domaininternetname, LLC
Domainnamebidder, LLC
Domainnamelookup, LLC
Dotregistrar, LLC
Dotster, Inc.
"DSTR Acquisition PA I, LLC
dba Domain Bank"
DSTR Acquisition PA I, LLC dba Domain Bank
EIG Investors Corp.
Enameco, LLC
Endurance Brasil Holdings Participações Ltda
Endurance International Group—West, Inc.
Endurance Global Weather
Endurance Singapore Holdings PTE. LTD.
Endurance Specialty Holdings Ltd.
FastDomain Inc.
FATCOW (and Design)
GLOBAT.COM (and Design)
H Design Mark
Homestead And Design
Homestead and Design
Homestead Searchlight
Homestead Technologies Inc
Homestead Technologies Inc.
HostGator Logo LLC LLC
Hostlane, Inc.
HostNine LLC
Marketsquare and Design
MyDomain, Inc. dba dba
MyInternet Media, Ltd.
NAMEZERO.COM (and Design)
National CA Domains, LTD.
NETFIRMS (and design)
Niuedomains, LLC
Precipice, Inc
Privacypost, Inc. dba Nedekko
Register Names, LLC
RegistrarAds, Inc. dba Domain Collection dba
Samoandomains, LLC
SEO WebHosting, Inc.
Signature Domains, LLC
SimpleScripts Inc.
SoftwareWorks Group, Inc.
The Britannia International Group, Inc.
The Endurance International Group, Inc.
Tuvaludomains, LLC
Unitedkingdomdomains, LLC
Wz (uk) Ltd, WZ UK joint venture


Additional source:

You can find the most recent EIG acquisitions at and in EIG’s press releases at and
Financial news about EIG are at
News and press releases are at
News are at


There is a clear tendency in the world in monopolization (not only in hosting industry by the way). Putting aside conspiracy and social and technological development, and talking only about shared hosting now, it’s obvious that more and more companies will be swallowed by EIG in the future. For you, as a hosting client, it means less quality for more money.

That’s why I recommend choosing non-EIG hosting.
And my choice is presented here.

Please feel free to let me know in the comments below or via a private message if you think there should be any updates in this post.

P.S.: I’ll be updating this post when new EIG acquisitions take place. Bookmark this page to refer to it one day you decide to buy hosting to make sure it does not belong to EIG.

Last added entries: IX Web Hosting, Host Excellence, Cloud by IX

Last updated on March 17, 2016

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  2. Hey Jassica,
    I’m glad you found it helpful!

  3. Thank you for assembling this Michael. As you noted, them stripping the Wikipedia link has done buyers a big disservice.

  4. Thank you for digging into this more and sharing it on my EIG hosting article: The more information we can get out there the better. Thanks!

  5. Hey Michael,
    I happened upon your site here and am glad to see your list. I’ve just recently moved my website and domain to a NON EIG hosting provider. I was with the previous for several years but the speed was terrible. Also their technical info was slow and not very ambitious.
    I’ve moved to A2 Hosting and although I have not been there long, I am very pleased with their prompt replies to any on my questions and the speed of my site is wonderful.
    I will NOT go back to an EIG controlled service provider ever again! And there are many more reasons why I say that then I am mentioning. EIG is a devious monster, (I’m being conservative with my language and feelings here) 🙂

    • Hey George,
      Thanks for your comment and congrats on your move from EIG 🙂
      Yes, there are hosts that do their work much better and more thruthfully and ethically than EIG and even for a less price.

  6. First, I thank you for this informative post.
    I searched on Wikipedia to find the brands in EIG groups. They have removed it.

    Many bloggers and website owners say “avoid from EIG Group companies”. But WordPress Recommends
    Bluehost and Dreamhost.

    Still, I can’t find a clear reason to Why they say to avoid from EIG group.

    Can you expain that?

    • Hi Nilantha,

      Thanks for your question.

      EIG offers the biggest affiliate commissions in the industry. That’s the main reason really why WordPress and many other bloggers recommend them.

      In a nutshell, EIG is overpriced, comparatively low-quality, over marketed, full of up-sells that are not really needed and apply not ethical and misleading way of treating their customers.

      EIG is focused on inexperienced users, who can’t tell what is good and what is bad, what is needed and what is not needed. Such users buy their over-priced and useless upsells and experience bad hosting quality (as regards of speed, uptime) and technical support when it is more than just trivial stuff.

      EIG have a big pool of stuff aimed at basic help for users. That’s why their online support is responsive, but not very useful (or takes a lot of time) to resolve more technical questions. And it’s not guaranteed that you will get the solution, too much often they just mislead you.

      From a personal point of view, In very short, for the same price you can get much more better services and more reliable hosting.

      In the beginning of this article above I put a coupe of links where you may find more explanations and thoughts about it.

      And if you do your own research on the most respectable hosting web community, you will find out more professionals’ thoughts and opinions about EIG.

      My own experience with one of EIG companies is described in this article:

      From a hosting industry point of view, the dominance of EIG and their aggressive and semi-hidden way of acquiring independent hosting companies destroy hosting market by monopolizing it. It means for you as a client worse services for more money. Other good hosting companies are harder to find, because they do not have big marketing budgets, not advertised on so-called “top web hosting review sites” and just left to enjoy very small share of the market.

      By preaching against EIG I make my own input in development of HEALTHY hosting market which is advantageous for consumers first of all.

  7. Allison says:

    I honestly cannot say enough bad things about HostGator shared hosting. At one point — prior to 2012 — I was very pleased. Then June 2012, CEO and founder Brent Oxley announced the impending sale of HostGator to Endurance International Group (EIG). It has been a nightmare ever since.

    In April 2014, a major network issue at the data center in Provo, Utah, affected EIG customers of Bluehost, HostMonster and JustHost, and took down many of the dedicated servers owned by HostGator customers. This was an apocalyptic event costing many businesses money and extended down-time. No concessions were made.

    I preface my review with this: if you have 2 visitors per week, you’ll be okay with using a bad web host like HostGator. But if you run a growing site and business HostGator is worthless and will cost you down the road.

    First, HostGator is always down! Not convinced? Checkout the hashtag #hostgatordown across social media — Twitter mainly.

    I honestly got tired of my site going down. And while their marketing claims promise “unlimited” this and “free” that — keep in mind, nothing is unlimited.

    They will throttle your site, prevent you from doing full cPanel backups (over 10GB) and worst of all at one point they’d pull down your site completely if a plugin is tapping out CPU resource intermittently without notice or recourse. Now they cache your site, but that’s still not ideal.

    We ran a WP site that was completely optimized, used a CDN and WPSuperCache — and we optimized databases weekly — and still experienced numerous Error 500 pages and our back-end operating at a glacial pace. If it takes 60 seconds or more to load your wp-admin page there’s a problem.

    Sadly, if you are uneducated about web development basics you’ll get taken for a ride with HostGator — as their support offers canned and scripted responses as to why your site is slow (and basically it’s your fault). They couldn’t piss on us and call it rain so they started lying.

    Even when escalating an issue to a CS supervisor named Jason, I was told it was an administrative restriction that would be lifted soon and taken care of. The next day, to check his story, I called and elevated my request to a CS supervisor at HostGator named Chris, who confirmed no such restriction ever existed.

    Meanwhile, HostGator’s customer support — at least 99% — is dumber than a box of rocks. They can offer no real solutions or help — only forward your ticket to an Admin — that takes light years to respond.

    HostGator is a collective cluster … and this is coming from a successful business owner who rarely leaves bad reviews without giving a company ample time to redeem itself.

    After HostGator’s continuous lies, slow hosting and lies I switched right away. It may seem daunting to switch hosting providers, but the fact that I sleep at night now is totally worth it. I’m no longer checking if my site has been down each morning.

    I had to search high and low for a web hosting provider because most web hosting reviews are affiliate (paid). I found a honest and unpaid write-up on LiquidWeb, made the switch within 24 hours — no downtime and they migrated everything without a hitch. We ran into minor DB configuration issues which were promptly addressed.

    I can never — with a straight face — ever recommend HostGator to any business owner or entrepreneur. HostGator is a monstrosity. And from what I hear from other business owners, anything owned by EIG (Bluehost, HostMonster, JustHost, and HostGator) is a nightmare.

    Talk to developers before choosing HostGator — they’ll tell you the problem with companies like EIG. They oversell their servers and you end up with a slow site while HostGator blames you for it all.

    I recommend having a third party monitor server uptime — we use SiteUptime. This way a HostGator rep can’t answer the phone and say “Your site is up now, I don’t see the problem?”

    Also, sites like Pingdom are helpful to diagnose if it is actually a site problem or if HostGator servers are slow. They can’t argue with data. Meanwhile, GTmetrix will help you assess your site — because at times it may be your fault.

    Keep in mind, with shared hosting you get what you pay for, but at a basic level they should be able to keep your site running and prevent your cPanel from taking more than a minute to load. Even their other products (VPS and dedicated) are poor — just read the (non-paid) reviews. Any review that offers a HostGator coupon is likely an affiliate (paid) review and highly biased since the blogger is compensated to say “HostGator is great!”

    However, at the end of the day I will never use HostGator again and I will tell every business owner I know to stay far, far away. Funny, we don’t have any problems at our new web host — interesting how that works.

    • Thanks Allison for sharing your story.
      I think your experience with EIG hosting is very typical.

      I also had a ‘fun’ time when tried FatCow (EIG brand). Some time ago I was asked to do a simple test-drive of the hosting from a beginner’s point of view. I had a surprisingly bad user experience.

      I believe that if people made at least a little research they would always stay away from EIG. But EIG’s effective marketing and generous affiliate commissions let it go further and further and continue conquering the hosting world, acquiring one company after another and turning them into money-making machines.

  8. Thanks, Michael – outstanding job.
    Looks like i won’t be going with bluehosting after all 🙂

    Also great to see you prepared to put forward some recommendations for hosting sites.
    Much appreciated.

  9. Micheal.

    I deeply thank-you and admire that you published this article. Thank-you for your hard work.

    Years ago I steered clear of EIG and deliberately went with a local green hosting company (Hostpapa). With the internationalization and expansion of Hostpapa, their decline in speed, service, technical support and redirection away from a green business model has placed me in the market again for a new hosting company… Your article is exactly what I was looking for.. Like you said, the moderators of Wikipedia are deliberately keeping us in the dark.. by you publishing this article, you have undermined their denial of information. Thank you thank you thank you…

    Affiliated commissions and inaccurate reviews is what stains the hosting industry. For this I thank-you for your other article, “Reliable web hosting to recommend”. I will look into the shared hosting companies you recommended.


    • Marco,
      I appreciate your kind words very much.
      My website is not as popular as Wikipedia, but even so I do what I can to make the online world a more truthful and transparent place.

    • From what I’m currently seeing from HostPapa’s service offering and pricing, they look to be just another EIG host too. It could be that it is another company that they acquired and then migrated to the same model as their other hosting sites. The main difference I see is that with the current USD/CAD exchange rate, Canadian companies would save significantly by using the HostPapa services rather than those hosted in the US.

      That said, I couldn’t get a straight answer on chat about where the servers are physically located. Most Canadian companies are choosing a Canadian host with the expectation that their site is actually located in Canada.

      • Hi Luke,

        I don’t have any information if HostPapa belongs to EIG. But anyway, there are many bad hosts that can be on par with a typical EIG hosting.

        If you are on your way to find a host, you are welcome to check out my recommended list.
        Feel free to ask me any questions.

        Thanks for your comment!

  10. Newbie here, thanks for the research , it is matter if web server close to the website visit area right , I can’t seem to find ant list that show web hosting server location, Actually I ‘m looking web hosting that have server close to SF BayArea, CA, any list suggestions ?

    • Hey Joe,

      Location matters a bit, but it’s not the first factor that should be taken into consideration when choosing a web hosting provider.

      Ideally, the closer location, the quicker ping. But it’s just one of the factors for your website download speed. Far more important factor is web hosting overloading and overall proper server management.

      For instance, close server location can give you an advantage of less than a second or so.
      But correct server management of your hosting can give you a faster speed by several seconds and much more uptime in general.

      Moreover, if you have a typical website or blog (and not sort of multimedia storage), server location is not that important as reliable web hosting.

      For example, my website is hosted on the cheapest shared plan in the good hosting company in Europe, although most visitors are from US. But when I compare my site speed with many others hosted in US or wherever, I see that my site is faster than most of other websites.

      So my advice is simply ignore the server location, but focus on choosing a good hosting company first of all. And if there’s a choice of server locations in the hosting company of your choice, then that’s great – ask the hosting provider for advice and they’ll recommend the server for you.

  11. You probably should note that Zoneedit is no longer affiliated with EIG (Endurance) in any way. They were purchased by EasyDNS Technologies Inc. prior to August 6, 2014.

  12. honestly, I’m so glad I came across this site. to think I almost signed up with bluehost. thank fuck I didn’t after reading USER reviews. thank you for sharing this invaluable information for people, like me, who don’t know what they’re getting themselves into.

    • That’s exactly the point why EIG is not respected among people who know the hosting thing. Typical users usually do too little research and fall for marketing that EIG is actually strong at. So instead of going to a reliable hosting provider, people end up with overpriced EIG (especially some of its brands) that is advertised here and there.

  13. Thanks michael for information.

    dreamhost is EIG hosting companies too? i see comment above (Nilantha)

  14. Sacha Korell says:

    Great article!
    Wish I had seen it before I signed up with Arvixe. They’re having major server issues and long downtimes right now (August 2105, see, but hopefully they’ll get their ducks in a row.
    Unfortunately, you can add another couple of EIG acquisitions to the list:
    Verio and Site5 (see


    • Thank you Sasha for your comment and information about Site5 and Verio acquisition.
      EIG goes on conquering the hosting world 🙁
      I updated my article and gave credit to you (if you have a website, I’ll put a link to it – just let me know if you want)

  15. Hi Michael, thank you for your “great” post! It clarified me why my arvixe account is become recently, a sort of nightmare. Result: all of my websites are currently unreachable, the arvixe support answered me that the “server migration” is still going (the significative news is that nobody from arvixe informed me about the fact that a server migration was scheduled!). I will move all my websites on another, non “EIG” web-hosting service (thank to your article), in the next days…with the hope that it will not be acquired in the next future by EIG!

    • Hi Lu, Yes, I understand your pain. It’s bad that Arvixe did not warn its clients that there would be a server migration (so unprofessional!). It makes me think that maybe it’s not server migration issue but simply a severe downtime connected with EIG management/servers environment. Either way, it’s a good idea to move.

  16. Hello Guys,
    The most worse hosting company on the earth is Please do not utilize their hosting either it will be last hosting company on the Earth. Their customer support looks great till you purchase any plan from them. Once you will be their client you will feel that you are are the most idiot person on the Earth. Tye will keep you on ticket and on Live chat but do not solve your problem till you weep.
    Be-careful by such a cheap company.

    • Yes, it’s a sad experience, Khurram. Hope you’ll find a great company instead of it.
      Thanks for your feedback.

      • Yes sir this is really very sad experience. I have not any option far the time. Their are spreading false information that they have Special Magento Hosting which and your store will be accessible super fast. Far the its access is super slow. I have nothing to bear the disgusting service till i get new hosting in next few months when i will complete my store.
        I will never forget your advises about selecting to chose the new hosting. I am really despair by their poor attitude, customer support and services. They always pose that they are about to migrate their server which is their common lie for all. I will advise to all never purchase long term hosting plan from anyone till you test their services.

        • I’d been working with Magento for about three years, writing scripts for reporting and doing other back-end stuff 🙂
          It’s a quite a resource demanding piece of software I must say that requires Magento-specific optimization on DB level. Sure you know all of that.

          If you are still looking for a good host, you may contact these guys and let them know your requirements (mention Magento, estimated traffic etc) and tell them you don’t want to be disappointed and ask them what they can offer you. They are professionals with very good ethics offering their services for a modest price.

          Another great alternative that I’d recommend from my knowledge for using Magento is this respected company. They are generally pricier though.

  17. Thanks for creating this list Michael. I was wondering why Wikipedia removed them. I am sure EIG pressured them a bit because they didn’t want any of the host with real bad rep’s associated with the lessor evils.

    iPage & Fatcow both tried to scam me for thousands dollars, Twice! Now I make sure that any time someone needs hosting I will direct them to avoid any EIG owned hosting company.

    Thanks again for this great list, i’m sure it will help lost of people.

    • Thanks for your feedback, Ulterios.
      I think there had been sort of Wikipedia editors’ battles – the list of EIG hosting companies (not full though) appeared and disappeared and then appeared for some time again. But finally EIG’s side has won I guess (predictable result 🙂 ). That’s why I decided to keep an independent EIG hosting list on my website here.

      • You are most welcome and thanks again for this list. I think it will benefit many people, especially those who had a bad experience with another EIG company as I had. That way they can check and know what they are getting into before they find out too late.

        I appreciate the list and the effort you made to help others. 🙂

  18. Amazing list. They built an empire.

  19. Thanks for the info, glad to know that my favorite hosting provider like : wpengine, digital river . .isn’t a part of EIG

  20. Hi Michael,

    What about Digital Ocean’s VPS plan? This is not in the above list.


  21. ARVIXE IS THE WORSE Web hosting Company !!! – 5 NEGATIVE Stars
    The worse web hosting company ever im a new customer not even 1 month old domain and site, and all the sudden without warning the service is gone! 2 DAYS AND 4 HOURS Later my website is still DOWN no control panel no nothiing and all you get is the same automated talk , its a nightmare bunch of incompetents dont even know when its going to be back online , and then they go around and delete posts from the forum when people complain about it! grow up Arvixe this is not a service provider its a scam!

    So i advise you to stay away from them and also this list of providers since its all controlled by the same people…/

    thank you for NO service Arvixe!
    click to find out how Arvixe “don’t” work


    #Arvixe #Webhosting #Scam

    guess i should have found your site before signing up with them ! >.< , great list and research work

    • Thanks for sharing your feedback.
      I hear a lot of bad feedback about Arvixe since it was acquired by EIG.
      If you are still within money-back period, then don’t hesitate to change your host.
      You’re welcome to look at my recommended list here (if you haven’t already) –

      • thank you Michael , and yes im still within the money back period , i am waiting for the control panel to get back online and retrieve my work because i was there for so little time and was still working on the site and stuffs dont have a full back up >.< my bad , and yes im moving on most probably to one of your recommendations "StableHost" , i hope its good and dont have this kind of issues 🙂
        Regards Gamer

        • Gamer, I hope you will retrieve your data back soon.
          I use StableHost for one of my sites for more than two years and have not had any reasons to regret about it. I have not ever even submitted a real support ticket. Although there was one two years ago (not a StableHost issue really) – a hacker or a malicious bot tried consistently to brute force my website and I contacted support to have a look at it. At the same time I added a ‘deny/allow’ rule in my htaccess files. The support immediately checked my account and the .htaccess rules I added and they confirmed that I did everything correct, and they advised some further actions. After that the malicious attempts stopped and I confirmed that the issue could be closed then.
          By the way, the .htaccess little useful tricks that helped me are in this article (just in case you or anyone else need it) –

  22. First of all Michael thumbs up for raising a voice to let people aware of this circus and I can’t thank you enough for shedding a light on this atrocious debacle that EIG has turned out to be.
    I am not a big fan of one company owning too many brands. Most cases, this looks somewhat deceptive and because the real idea is just basically trying to dominate the market, once they achieved it, they wouldn’t care about their services anymore. Just a recent example, servers and phone services for JustHost, HostGator, BlueHost and JustHost were all affected in a recent outage because they were all on the same EIG network.
    Since EIG mostly hide when buying out the smaller companies, most customers are unaware that EIG owns their favorite hosting company, at least it was like that until the record breaking outages of the last year made people more aware. 12/31/2013 EIG Outage: BlueHost and HostGator Crash After EIG Outage
    04/16/2014 Another EIG Outage: Major HostGator and BlueHost downtime all day today due to router issues at the Provo data center:
    05/19/2014 Another EIG Outage: EIG clients hosted on servers at their Provo, UT data center experienced up to 8 hours of downtime.
    Personally, I had been subjected to a hamster on the wheel lifestyle, running with no end. Unknowingly hopping from Bluehost to Arvixe to Small Orange to EIG to more EIG!
    I had a long running relationship with Arvixe in particular prior to all this mess and it’s no wonder this is the one that affected me the most 08/11/2015-Huge problems on Arvixe without proper explanation, the migration of servers without proper notice.
    The meltdown of frustrated Arvixe users on twitter proved just how bad things can get.
    And finally, a downtime that lasted nearly a full day affecting millions of customers worldwide.
    You couldn’t reach any customer service, pure disaster. While it’s true web hosting outages can happen to any web hosting company, it is rare to happen on such a large scale.
    At the time of this conversation, I know at least 70+ hosting companies owned by EIG. But the fact is, they can’t buy them all, and meanwhile I have found refuge in TD Web Services and by the look of things, I plan to stick here for a while, no hype, in house servers, full customer support and the uptime is amazing.

  23. Thanks for the list Michael, I was with HG and dumped them a month ago + got refunded because of the many issues.

    I think EIG’s big ‘masterplan’ is to end up with fewer host companies, and they will start fresh again. Otherwise it doesn’t make sense. One thing is sure, meanwhile they screw up big time.

    I am now looking for a new host, possibly the one you recommended; EuroVPS or Hawk Host, maybe A2…

    I am nervous 🙂

    PS: I’ll tweet your page in a minute.

    Gino Bumbalo

  24. Michael

    Good article, thanks.

    “Nope, Dreamhost is not a part of EIG. At least not yet”

    Yes, At least not yet.
    I was migrated early when EIG bought out IPOWER; migration under the guise of a “control panel upgrade”. Having survived that migration, I investigated, as you have, and learned of EIG’s gluttony. Mainly out of concern of yet another buyout I took a different tack and simply stayed at IPower. Which host will EIG buy next? One will never know. But it might be the new host you’ve just migrated too! I do believe there may be some internal competition amongst the various internal EIG brands. I remind support, when contacting them, that I understand their situation.
    So if you are technically aware you can survive with EIG. Perhaps the IPower “group”, being very large in the first place (700,000 sites), has done better in the EIG environment.

    • Thanks Rob for your comment.

      My opinion which is not unique mildly speaking is that EIG cares much more about its shareholders than about its clients. There are other much better hosts than EIG brands.

      Competition between EIG brands is a fake competition to make clients go from one EIG brand to another in circles 🙂
      EIG brands are under one stock company EIG. It means that whatever EIG brand you choose, your money will go to the same shareholders 🙂

      So I’d not suggest anyone staying with EIG or using their services.

      Migrating from EIG can be also a pain. That’s why I suggest choosing hosting companies that use cPanel control panel which is the standard in shared hosting industry. cPanel makes it very easy to migrate from one cPanel-based host to another. You don’t need to have tech skills for that. And your new host does the migration for you for free in most cases. But many EIG brands including iPower use vDeck control panel, which prevents you from moving anywhere else.

      Anyway, if you’re satisfied with your current services at EIG, that’s fine.

  25. Apparently, they just started migrating Arvixe customers while leaving us with useless and inaccessible web sites.

    • Well, that was quite predictable. Once EIG acquires a hosting company, serious issues start sooner or later.
      Perhaps, it’s a good time to change hosting.

      • I was thinking StableHost; however, I got a question for you: What about InMotion Hosting? I know it’s not on the list, but I read some good things about it. It would be for a reseller account.


        • I have not had direct or indirect experience with InMotion hosting, so I can’t say go or not go for it.
          But if I worked in EIG acquisition department, I’d think of buying out this company 🙂

          • True Story!

          • I forgot to add a question: The ones you recommend are less likely to get acquired by EIG? If so, why?

            • When recommending companies, I try to take into account the possibility (as I see it) of their acquisition by EIG. But it’s not the main factor I’d say. Because EIG can buy out a company offering a great deal to the owner(s) and theoretically any company (especialy one that focuses on shared hosting) can become a part of EIG.

              So, I want to say that the bad signal after all is not the possibility of being acquired by EIG, but the fact of acquisition.

              Also, the companies I recommend have comparatively smaller marketing budget and less aggressive marketing strategy compared to EIG (it’s based more on my opinion, because I have no access to all financial documents). It makes the companies I recommend to be much more ethical in sales to new customers and in up-sells (if any) for current customers.

              Also one of the points to consider is the affiliate commissions offered by a company. If the commissions are too high for the hosting industry with small prices, it means that the clients are more likely to get ripped off after they buy initial not expensive hosting service.

              So I tend to recommend companies that do not offer high affiliate commissions if their prices are small or average. It’s just an additional factor that is likely to mean more quality for clients for less money.

              However, none of the points above are the final verdicts or single strict recommendation that should be taken ultimately into account. All points should be taken into consideration in total, looked at from all angles at the same time. It’s all about compromise between prices, customer support, performance, reliability, marketing and customer satisfaction. It also depends on the company strategy.

              Hope it helps.

        • By the way, if you mean the list of recommended hosting, it’s not the complete list of the best hosting. It’s the list that I personally recommend, and if a client who was referred by me has unresolved troubles with the hosting, I personally participate in rectifying the situation.

  26. Chris Taylor says:

    I have been with them for almost 3 years to host my site. Since, EIG acquired their business, my siteup and down like roaller coaster, their support become very worst. I read many users complaints on forums and I see this post:,2817,2462052,00.asp

    I switched to ASPHostPortal last month and hope everything works great!

  27. This is a very useful information, I didn’t know about EIG before, my sites now hosted with Arvixe, the server down everyday sin oct 2015, I will consider to move my sites to other non EIG hosting service company, thanks guy for the great info.

  28. Hello,

    Are you sure 000webhost is owned by EIG? Hosting24 confirmed that they own 000webhost so unless EIG owns them and is hiding that (like always) then 000webhost wouldn’t be owned by EIG.

    Do you have some announcement somewhere that we can confirm this? I’m asking as 000webhost has sufferered a security breach.

  29. Hi, I saw your page when I was searching for another domain hosting company. I originally started with, until the service took a noticeable dive in quality, and then I switched to Arvixe, which has fairly recently had a STEEP dive in quality — my email has been completely down since October 23rd — yes a full week! — and here is what the “hidden” outage page says (I say hidden, because it is not on their main status page, but was in a link one of their techs finally emailed to my Gmail account):

    Emergency Migration: marten to Dallas145

    Posted: 6:44 pm EDT 10/23/15

    Updated: 10:45 am EDT 10/28/15

    Maintenance Start Time: 6:00 pm EDT 10/23/15
    Estimated duration: 3 days
    Status: In Progress
    We wanted to alert you to an urgent migration. A series of performance and stability issues on the server “” have prompted an emergency migration to new hardware in order to improve service quality for customers housed on this system. We expect the migration to take 24-72 hours. We cannot provide a more accurate time line on the migration due to the continued performance issues impacting this system. Further updates will be provided as the migration progresses. We appreciate your understanding and patience during this migration.

    UPDATE As of 13:44 EDT 10/26/2015 We do apologise but due to technical issue we were forced to stop these migrations. Migrations will be started shortly and more information will be provided here.

    UPDATE As of 10:43 EDT 10/28/2015 This migration is still in progress, we will update you as we know more.

    Even though it’s a personal domain account and not a business, this is absolutely ridiculous. My “understanding” disappeared sometime around day two. So I am going to use your list to avoid anything EIG in the future. They’ve burned me for the last time.

    Thanks again!

    PS I had to put in my Gmail address, since my personal email is still down.

    • Hi Mike,
      Thanks for sharing your experience.
      Yes, Arvixe’s acquisition by EIG has been bringing a lot of suffering to its clients.
      Feel free to contact me if you need any advice or assistance.
      By the way, absolutely no problem with your Gmail address 🙂

  30. Hector Cordoba says:

    Hi, thank your for compiling this list, now i understand why Arvixe sucks since Sept 2015, i was an arvixe customer since 4 years and now arvixe is useless, servers going down all the time, no response from support, a server could be down for months and nobody does nothing. Very sad.

  31. I am another victim of the Arvixe migration – down for days at a time The biggest issue I have with them though is the lack of communication – my servers go down and are not listed on the outage sheet (maybe its too crowded). Would think a big company would know better. I realize that for $6 a month they wont go out of their way to communicate with me, but how hard is it to post a down notice.

    Great article here – info I could not find elsewhere. Surprised to see how few alternatives there are for Windows hosting plans. Will be checking out your recommendations – thanks.

  32. Great work on the list and keeping it updated – there are a few of them around now, and it’s very important to keep spreading the word like this. Nobody who wants their website to work reliably should ever host with an EIG company. It’s just setting yourself up for a lot of hassle and lost business.

    I get asked for hosting suggestions a lot because I work in the field, and at this point I usually send people a link to a list like this one; “whoever you plan on signing up with, just check whether they’re on this list, and stay away if they are.”

    I’ve had some private websites hosted at Arvixe for the last 3 years – they were never a high-performance or high-availability host, but always had excellent customer service, especially considering their low prices. Everything started to go downhill a few months after the EIG acquisition, reportedly due to a big migration of all customers to an EIG server farm, and cleverly, the concurrent layoff of most of Arvixe’s support staff. Suddenly, there was no live support anymore, or only after several hours of waiting in a queue. If you managed to reach someone, they tried their best, but were obviously unfamiliar with the systems and processes (presumably EIG people who replaced fired Arvixe staff). And when the discussion boards were overrun with disgruntled customers asking to know what the f*#& was going on, EIG simply deleted the entire forums. Class act! They still didn’t remove the link from the front page, though…

    I have since evacuated from Arvixe (domains to Namecheap, hosting to A2 Hosting – very happy with both) and I think/hope a majority of active customers have done the same, or are planning to. I just hope most of them find the necessary information to avoid ending up with yet another EIG host.

    • Thanks Daniel for your comment and sharing your story.
      Arvixe’s clients have lost their peace of mind (and often their patience) after the company was acquired by EIG.
      Removing forums was a nice move 🙂

  33. Thanks Michael. You’re helping a lot of people through this list. I was one of those people who got burned by Arvixe’s sale to EIG. Thanks to your list I was able to see that GreenGeeks is not owned by EIG. Before getting an account with them I asked if they were associated with EIG at all and they assured me that they were not. I told them my sorry tale about Arvixe and they told me they were picking up a lot of new customers from those fleeing Arvixe. In the end I chose GreenGeeks because their commitment to renewable energy makes me feel better, and also I figure that people with that kind of idealism are less likely to sell out to corporate vampires.

    Thanks Michael, you’re a life saver. I’ve referred many people to your site and this list in particular.

    • Miriam, thank you for your comment and spreading the good word.
      Glad that you’ve found a hosting that works for you well.
      Anyway, green energy and realibility & ethics of hosting are not connected with each other.
      FatCow (see my article about it here) owned by EIG are also fans of green energy.
      But after all, of course, it’s great if a good hosting cares about environment.

    • Hello.
      Be careful with the Reseller Plan of GreenGeeks. This plan has no backup tools, BoxTrapper and other functions. Only realized this after migrating 7 domains. They charge US $ 5.00 for each full backup per domain, but I was offered (and accepted) US $ 15.00 for a backup of all at once. I have started to migrate to the A2 Hosting.
      But I must state, the GreenGeeks Support Team is very good.
      Marcos Bocca

      • Thanks Marcos. I didn’t realise GreenGeeks charge extra for backups, though it doesn’t affect me personally. I keep a complete copy of my site locally, on my hard drive, and I back that up myself from time to time. This means if anything goes wrong with the remote copy I can easily upload my local copy to the damaged site or to a new one. It also makes it easier for me to test changes before I upload them to the remote site.

        It helps that I run Linux on my own machine when the remote host machine runs Linux. You can run into small, annoying inconsistencies if you run Microsoft Windows locally and the host runs a Linux server (as most do).

        • Thanks Miriam for sharing your experience.

          I see you are more experienced user than an average person, and you surely know what you do.

          By the way, my story with backups had several stages. First I used to make backups locally to my computer simply via cPanel backup wizard tool. Then to automate the process and use a cloud I used a free version of Updraft plugin (I share my tutorial here) and then to get more freedom and comfort I finally ended up with very handy and universal solution CodeGuard (my choosing thoughts are here).

          Thanks for your comment, and I will be glad you to comment more on my blog.
          P.S.: nice drawings you make!

        • And your writing reminded me Clarke’s Childhood’s End to some extent.

          • 😀 Thank you Michael. I’m delighted you like my drawings and I’m very flattered you’d make any comparison between me and one of my heroes, Arthur C Clarke. I’m very grateful. I’m not really completely happy with that story. I should rewrite it when I work out what it is that bothers me about it. 🙂 If you ever want reading material my 26 short stories, 6 novels, and 4 plays are all free to read on my website. You are most welcome to enjoy it.

            I’m not really very capable… I just kind of fumble my way through. 🙂 I’ve always preferred to keep local control of all my pages, so I hand-write the HTML in a text editor — it’s why my web pages load almost instantly, even on slow internet connections — and I upload and download using FTP, preferring the commandline “ftp” Linux command instead of fancy programs because it gives me more control. I live out in the Australian bush so my internet connection is very slow and I need to make best use of it that I can.

            I didn’t know cPanel could backup to your local computer.That’s very interesting. I avoid the cloud because I don’t completely trust it. It depends on other people taking care of the data. I’d rather just know I am responsible for it. But maybe I’m worrying over nothing. I followed your link to CodeGuard, and I must admit it does look very interesting. Thanks for the link.

            • Miriam, thanks for your detailed comment.
              I totally understand your thoughts on security and keeping everything under your own control. I think cloud storage allows also to diversify risks of data loss, but I keep a local copy of my data on my PC too.
              As regards writing, I think I understand you being not completely happy with your work. Many artists, writers and composers can’t even look at their works after they are done, whereas others do enjoy them very much or even treat them as masterpieces 🙂

              • That’s a good point, Michael, about keeping an additional copy on the cloud. It makes sense. I have to admit I’d made the mistake of thinking cloud vs local backup, when it can be both.

                I don’t think I’ll ever be completely happy with my pictures or my stories. I keep altering and (I hope) improving them. For example, I just uploaded an improved cover of “Companions” a few minutes ago.

                • Miriam, improving is a good thing. And we all need to do it. However, I always try to find a balance between perfection and progress (not always successfully though 🙂 ).

                  • That’s true. It is so hard sometimes knowing how to improve something. At times it is obvious. At other times it seems impossible to fix something we’ve made that feels badly flawed. In the end all we are is the good we leave behind. You have produced some very good things. This list above is especially important. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve referred people to it. (Just this morning I pointed another person to it.)

      • Thanks for the information Marcos.

  34. This is amazing, I saw a Tweet about it and had to look it up. I just started my own web host earlier this year called thats designed to be completely different and this is a huge help in seeing what to avoid, especially thanks to your reviews on them. 😉 I have no idea why companies will say customers first when that is clearly not what they are doing.

  35. Whoa!
    I never knew that so many Brands were under EIG! :O

    Good work bro…

  36. I just found out about EIG today and somehow ended up on your page. Thank you! Your list is so helpful…and there I was thinking bluehost and hostgattor were competing for clients…. What a shame! what a sham!!
    I haven’t seen any mention of Siteground as a recommended host. Is there something I should know about them? I’m a newbie and I’d like to use WordPress to build my sites that’s why I’m considering them…. but it seems like they are affiliated with Whoishosting and too many “ads” recommendation about siteground coming from that site. I’m lost and have been researching this web hosting thing for some time now and I’m getting exhausted. I need to get my site up and running in time for Christmas to enable me push a few product and most importantly company awareness.
    I live in Canada, my client would eventually be global (and probably mainly in Africa for one of my sites.)
    I plan to start with mostly company info pages, blog pages, and a few merchandise with shopping carts.
    Would you recommend Siteground? if not, what comes close? What company can I trust that would support WordPress and won’t drive me crazy?
    I’d truly appreciate your response.
    Thank you so much!

    • Hi Chikoy,

      Thanks for your comment.

      SiteGround is well-advertised hosting, because they have better marketing or/and bigger marketing budgets than other hosts. But it’s definitely better than EIG.

      However, what I recommend for sure is here.

      For clients in Africa, I’d recommend hosting with data center in Europe for better connection by cable.

      For clients worldwide, data center location is not important, just choose high-quality hosting.

      For site with shopping cart choose not only reliable hosting, but which is also paying additional attention to security. A great choice for that and not expensive is EuroVPS, which I use myself for this website. By the way, their data center is in Europe.

      Whatever hosting you choose, consider protection for your site, especially for your e-commerce site.

      Hope this helps!

  37. Hi and thanks so much for going to all this trouble. I was with Arvixe a few years ago and just got a billing today against an account that no longer exists. EIG must be scraping old customer lists to do this. No nice greeting either just a simple “We’re going to bill you for… blah blah”. My response is “good luck with that”.

    I had learned of EIG when I was still with Bluehost years ago and I was very disappointed that those staunch mormon owners sold out. Mojo marketplace then killed my sites and Bluehost went to the dark side. What next now? I wonder. Fortunately not everyone sells out to “big brother” even if threatened. Still, Intuit web sites is a real surprise. They host Credit Unitons and Banks and that gives EIG free access to those customer lists. That is very bad news and explains some recent hacks here in Arizona. I’ll now be sharing this info locally.

    Again, thanks for all this info. I will be dropping by occasionally and will contribute if ever I can.

  38. The EIG companies recently started promoting SiteLock. SiteLock is a scam. They tell you “Your site has malware – call us to fix this”. Prices are outrageous of course.

    I got two of these today. I asked for proof or details.

    I checked the site with Wordfence and a malware scanner – Clean.

    Second site is where it got interesting :

    The site was moved to a new VPS host 2 months ago

    The ‘site’ is an empty folder

    I was sent a ‘sample of the code’ found in the folder.


    Add to this :

    I am not and never have been a SiteLock customer

    SiteLock offered to ‘Reset my password’ – for a non existent account

    Hostgator allowed their ‘Partner’ to scan my websites – That’s illegal (You can’t get to the Hostgator site from ‘outside’ as it is now hosted on my vps) so this was an inside job

    The ‘Malware’ simply does not exist

    The domain is not even on an EIG server

    Each email is another pack of lies

    YES, I have the proof to back this up in court.

    More interesting tales (NOT my site)

    • Thanks for your comment, Graham
      SiteLock is owned has some ties is controlled by EIG.
      And there’s no surprise they squeeze money out of customers.
      Their bad ethics is not a surprise either.
      (edited: 2015-12-30)

      • Nathan Hammond says:

        SiteLock is claiming they’re not owned by EIG, although I’ve seen different statements on the internet claiming they are. Where are you getting your info, would like to know?

        • Right Nathan.
          SiteLock is not owned by EIG (at least I can’t confirm now that it is owned by EIG), but definitely has some ties with it (as well as it can be easily seen that SiteLock is promoted on many EIG hosts).
          Anyway, I don’t like it.
          Thanks for your input.
          Update: SiteLock is controlled by EIG which can be considered as owning from a management point of view.

  39. Thank you for posting the list. I am moving from an EIG acquired host. The trend with the host follows the usual EIG acquired course. Good company great customer service, EIG acquires, customer service goes out the window, horrendous server performance, etc. Your list helped me avoid moving to another EIG owned hosting company. You have saved me hours of headaches and lost customers. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  40. Thank you for this list, I wish I had read it before I signed up with – their downtime and lack of support has cost my business at least $1000 and probably more. I’m now looking for a new host and I will be sure to avoid any of these other EIG companies.

  41. Do you know anything about Newtek, a USA company? (Also known as I notice they have ads on TV, so that means they must have a larger emphasis and budget on marketing than the companies you recommend here.


  43. Thanks for doing all the research and compiling this list. I’ve recommended my clients to some of these hosts in the past and will no longer do so knowing they’ve been swallowed up by EIG. Good work, Michael and thanks again!

  44. Hello,

    Thank you for the list.

    I would like to know how is possible for a web hosting company appear in ? 🙂

    • Hello Esteban,
      Thanks for your question.
      It is the list of the hosts that I’ve picked out after in-depth analyzing reviews, feedbacks and opinions of hosting professionals, as well as using myself. It’s my personal recommended list. The best hosts as regards their quality and price which I’ve come across close enough. I’ve used or still using some of them for my websites.
      There are many other great hosts apart from my recommended list, but these are the ones which I am fond of.

  45. Additional information: SiteLock, the website security company is also owned by EIG. This is disturbing…

    • PS I see that there are other comments on SiteLock further down on the comments than I had previously read. There was information on the purchase of SiteLock by EIG a few months back, but I cannot find it now.

      • Thank you Don for your input.
        After your comments I’ve looked deeper and have found that EIG indeed controls Sitelock with 55% of shares which in fact can be considered as owning from a management perspective. I’ve added SiteLock to the list and the reference (source).

  46. Thank YOU for your hard work!! I really appreciate it!! (I think I have also referenced your link in one of our blogs.)

    There is something really strange going on at EIG!

    You can see our blogs about EIG here:

    Have you ever seen the picture of Tomas Gorny?

    You could be his brother!

    Are you connected or related to him in any way?

  47. I think I suffered a scam EIG SPRY department . In February 2013 the company started to charge on my credit card 33.00 usd each month. I ‘m not spotted me , I began a serious illness that lasted long. I am an individual , I live in France , I do not know how to contact my card could be taken. I ‘m just preview two weeks ago . I sent emails , I have very evasive answers . I never signed a contract I do not know this company. What do you think ? I do not know what to do to get a refund . thanks for your help

    • Sorry Nadine to hear your story.
      If you have not paid with your credit card to this company, then go to your bank and ask what they can do.
      But if you signed up to hosting some time ago (or some other services with that company which might be even with no fee for the first month or so) then you may be just charged for that service each month.

  48. I’m with Arvixe and have had no real-time support as the 24/365 support claim states. An automatic email is not support. Reading the reviews it is obvious that EIG have total contempt for their customers and it is about time that they get justice. The definition of fraud is “deception to make financial gain” and they are committing fraud on a grand scale. Normally, flying below the radar is the way to avoid litigation, as an individual can not afford the cost of litigation as the reward is smaller than the cost, but when fraud is committed on a wholesale basis, the outcome is so obvious that a class action is worth while. The reviews of Arvixe alone is sufficient to get the EIG directors a stint in prison, and a full refund and costs and damages remunerated. Lets wipe these a$$holes off the face of the Earth! In prison “clean skins” have a very romantic time, weather they like it or not:-)

    • Hi Tony, I understand your frustration and sorry to hear your story.

      But as regards litigation, I’m not sure this is possible. Arvixe offers hosting, very bad one, but it’s still hosting 🙂 I’m not sure it can be considered as fraud.

      But I’m not a laywer.

      Anyway, Terms of service of hosting companies usually (I guess always 🙂 ) state it clearly that they are not responsible for anything. Many hosting even say in their ToS that they can close your account anytime with no explanations and with no refund (thus, hosting just make it safe for them, not for users).

      For instance. Arvixe say it:
      Right to refuse service: Arvixe reserves the right to refuse service to any customer at any time within reasonable means/requests.

      So, probably the most realistic thing disappointed customers can do is simply leave mass negative reviews and switch the hosts ASAP.

      There are a lot of much better companies with even less prices which are safer, more reliable and simply better place to host.

      You may have a look at my recommended picks here and also my new analysis here.

      • What a mess says:

        Hi Michael,
        Very valuable information, helped me greatly. Now with another host after my Arvixe site has been unreachable since early January 2016, despite having about 10 months left on my hosting plan. After reading your article I did some thinking and came to the conclusion that something like this is unlikely to happen by accident, more likely by design.

        So what could it be?

        After a little bit of checking I found that Arvixe had about 70,000 – 200,000 hosting accounts. (

        Most of them probably low cost ~ $4/month.

        Let’s further assume that most people who like me finally got fed up and left had about 10 months of paid for service still left and leaving behind services worth about $40. Most people are likely to take this loss and not pursue it after learning that Arvixe is not reachable by phone, email or chat room. Instead they will find a new host and eventually set up their site there. Judging from your list, Michael, is likely to be another EIG host (as they have a huge market share in low cost hosting).

        Now let’s see how that may affect the $$. Assume that 50,000 users in this manner terminate their hosting 10 months early with, and sign up with another EIG company at the same rate. The net effect of this is that EIG is getting a $40*50,000 = $2 million windfall revenue. This does not consider any domain name windfall, and the fact that the new signups could be higher than $4/month,. If it involves 100,000 users the sum doubles, and do not forget that there are continuing revenues beyond the 10 months. So my guess is that the problems that Arvixe is experiencing may add $2-5 million into the EIG coffers. Nice piece of change, and each individual account is small enough that it does not pay to sue.

        But there is this thing called a class action suit, where a lawyer may take on to sue on behalf of all the individuals in the class. Assume that the total loss of the class is $3 million and the lawyer gets 1/3 of the proceeds; that would be a full $1 million for the attorney. And there could also be some punitive damages. I’d say that there could be some attorney out there who would want to look into this.

        It would also not surprise me if, after enough attrition has taken place, Arvixe will recover and people will be able to get their data back. There is likely to be some kind explanation of server failures, hacking or similar that caused the problems.

        So who knows there may still be some room for legal action here.

        All the Best to you Michael and keep up the good work.

        • Thanks for your detailed comment.

          Maybe there’s a room for legal action against Arvixe.
          I’m not a lawyer, anyway.

          As regards that EIG did the Arvixe mess-up on purpose, I think in this case it could bring them more financial losses than revenue (just consider that EIG paid $17.6 million for Arvixe plus initiated bad reputation). So I think it was done not on design, but simply because EIG decided to cut the corners (optimizing Arvixe) too sharp. I think EIG simply screwed up this time too evidently. But this is just IMO.

          Thanks again for your input and take care!

  49. Hi Michael,

    Wow what an informative article, and stream from this post! I have landed here from within HG forum trying to sort out a lost page. Then stumbled upon the fact that no tickets, nor live chat are available. Hardly ever used the HG support but when I did, it worked up until 2013. Now I know why.

    Great list and would definitely go with your suggestion to move into Euro region, since I live in Africa I am in the ‘middle’. Would love a concise procedure list on how to move a cPanel – am on WordPress. Older site from 2009 not very big, never made a move before.

    As for Sitelock I got an email from them on the 29th December with a long story, checked Bing and Google and found no malware problems reported. A couple of days ago I wrote an article and found my page missing on my site (still to be rectified)….

    Big thanks for all this information, sure to share it since I am not sure many are aware of the problems happening in the back ground. I read extensively, never even heard about the HG buyout!


    • Hi Joan,

      Nice to meet you on my blog!

      As regards moving to another host, it’s a good decision in your situation. Just contact a new host and ask them to move your site from your old host to them. They will do it for free (since your are using WordPress and cPanel it’s easy for them). You will not notice changes when the move is done 🙂

      As for SiteLock, I don’t trust them. For better security options you may see my article here.

      Regarding missing page, I may assume that it might be that something happened to your account (your host’s fault) and they restored an older backup without your new page. Also, it might be a user fault (deleted page by mistake?). I can’t think of any other options at the moment.

      Thanks for your thoughtful comment and feel free to let me know if you need any advice.

  50. Thanks for the list 🙂 Found 3 hosts that I used in the past that all ended up sucking, no I know why 🙂

  51. I switched off Arvixe back in September after my site was down for an entire week. But now my domain name registration will expire in about 10 days, so trying to contact them to get the EPP code, unlock the domain, and whatever else needs to be done so that I can register at a different place and never have to deal with Arvixe again.

    But, I apparently forgot my arvixe password, clicked on ‘reset password’ and its been 2 hours and no reset email has been receive. Also, it took 2 hours to be connected to someone on their live chat, since they have no phone support on the weekends. The person I’ve been connected to keeps asking for my ID ticket number even though I keep saying I can’t even access my account. Looks like they might finally be getting it done after another hour of waiting. They claim their senior staff are working on it now. Hopefully I get a response by end of day.

    I hate arvixe. I switched to LiquidWeb per the advice of a friend in the industry, and nice to see it at the top of your list. I switched from Arvixe shared hosting at $4/mo to LiquidWeb VPS at $60/mo, but downgraded to their professional shared hosting at $25/mo as the VPS was nice but too costly for my needs. The VPS was definitely the most reliable, I had a couple days this week with LiquidWeb where my 2 sites were down intermittently throughout the day. The support was quick to respond though. There’s only been one time where their support gave poor answers and led me to believe I’d have to delete my entire site and rebuild it. That would take at least 20 hours of redoing the posts and content, but luckily a friend in the industry understood the issue and literally resolved it in just 2 minutes and that LiquidWeb should have been able to resolve just as easily but I just got unlucky with a not so knowledgeable support rep.

    So for anyone on liquidweb, they should be able to solve any issue you’re having, and you may get one support rep who just doesn’t fully understand your issue or just doesn’t care enough, but they’re definitely more than capable of doing it and just need to prod them. That was the only time their support was unsatisfactory out of the 6 months I’ve been with them.

    • Thank you David for sharing your story.
      It’s highly advisable to have hosting and domain registered in different places.
      Sorry to hear LiquidWeb support was not top-notch. It’s not often to hear their support sucks. Hopefully they’ve learned their lesson.

  52. Michael, thank you for the list, i am another sad arvixe user, after years of great service from arvixe when it was bought it was like hell, they take days to solve general problems on the server like, server can’t resolve external names, no emails going out, no webservice can be contacted, but they take days and days, an i lost hours and hours begging for support on online chat.
    I am looking for an alternative to unlimited sites, unlimited sQL databases, with ASP classic. I was looking that and have the features i need and the price range that i can afford, but i like to know if you have any feedback from his support service and if you have any recommendation i will appreciate (and my doubt why they have exactly the same price on every plan, i see that prices in a lot of companies too). Thank you again for the list i will not subscribe any hosting plan on one of their companies.

    • Thanks Hernan for your comment. It’s sad that Arvixe let down so many people including you.
      Unfortunately, I have not researched windows shared hosting in-depth yet. And I can’t recommend anything for now.
      Although, a solution that works very well is to take a VPS from a reliable provider for that, but this solution is comparatively expensive (e.g. $64/mo on EuroVPS).

      • Helenmary Cody says:

        Hi Michael –

        Like many others, I found your site while trying to figure out what to do about my no longer functioning sites that are hosted on Arvixe. Thanks for the useful info on avoiding EIG; they really seem to be bad news for hosting consumers.

        I was interested in the two hosts mentioned in the comment above ( is a requirement for me) and did a little more research. Turns out that they were both started by people who had previously been with Host4Life, now an EIG company. These two companies have all but identical plans and pricing, only the formatting of their websites are different. I can’t help but wonder if they are not just building a customer base before selling out to EIG as well.

        Thanks for your good work!

        • Hi Helenmary,
          Thanks for your comment.
          Unfortunately I’ve not done a proper research yet to recommend any really good windows hosting.
          By the way, one of the commenters above (Brian Davis) moved his site from Arvixe to Microsoft Azure and it looks like he was happy with the move.
          As regards selling companies or customer base to EIG, it’s obvious that selling hosts after getting customers can be one of the aims when starting a hosting business 🙂
          So, your assumptions may be correct, especially if you have found out that there are similarities in those hosts.

  53. ts brownie says:

    Michael, Great article. I found it after I noticed that hostgator and ehost had remarkably similar feel to their websites, so I googled “are ehost and hostgator owned by the same company”.
    Do you have a list of non-EIG hosting companies or better yet those with strong (un-reimbursed) references from actual users?

    • Hi tsb (sorry, don’t know your name), thanks for your comment.
      I’ve got a list of companies I’ve picking out out since 2013 for my own use and my clients here. I highly recommend them based on the best performance, superior reliability and highest reputation among both real users and professional hosting community. Of course, it’s not the full list of great companies, but only the best ones I’ve come across that are worth being with.
      Feel free to ask any questions.

  54. So who is EIG? Why are they buying so many hosting companies? It’s almost like they own the internet.
    Any thoughts on any of this?

    • Hi TechyGal,
      Thanks for your question.
      EIG is Endurance International Group. It’s a corporation, one of the largest hosting companies in the world, that has very bad reputation among professional hosting community for offering comparatively low quality hosting services for high prices and moving towards monopolizing the market using aggressive marketing and acquisition strategies. EIG does not own the whole hosting world (e.g. here’s my list of the best hosting providers I recommend), but it’s true that a lot of well-known hosts have been acquired by EIG. It’s had the consequences that these hosting companies have become worse or much worse from clients point of view because EIG ‘optimizes’ its costs increasing the revenue but decreasing the quality.

  55. Holy Cow! Thanks so much for the exhaustive work to create this resource. Experiencing a nightmare after they acquired the hosting company I was using. Appreciate your best website host list as well. Bravo, well done.

  56. Great resource!! Thanks so much for wading through all this information to provide us with the knowledge of companies to avoid.

  57. Excellent list of research about EIG. I switched my host from goDaddy to HostGator in 2010-2011 and I was very happy with HostGator until the EIG purchase in late 2012. Then they had small outages, crappy customer service & a huge outage. I decided to switch to a nonEIG host in 2014 but now they are getting more & more unreliable. I don’t know if it has anything to do with Cloud Equity Group purchasing them a year ago or not. Anyway, I am now searching for a new host (again) and have been using your list to steer clear of EIG.
    I want to thank you for the awesome research but I also want to let you know that is a division of and therefore an EIG brand. source:

  58. It is now officialy confirmed EIG acquired for 27 million. ix is giving 15 ips shared hosting plans which saves the company so far. EIG already changed popular web host plans like 1 website and unlimited as different. Same time they were the once who promoted unlimited during 2007 to 2012. Like Arvixe, ix customer get ready for downtime soon.

  59. Timothy Taussig says:

    Great read…. thank you. One question, what is your take on ZappyHost?

  60. Hi Michael,

    Great extensive list of EIG brands !

    I had been a very loyal customer of Arvixe since 2011 as a Windows Reseller.

    Once EIG purchased them in 2014, service started to go down quick.

    Now last week they finally got done with the server “migration” which took them 3 times each having our server down for at least a day.

    After the migration was complete our server was basically down for 7 days.

    We are now in the process of moving every thing to Azure to future proof our web hosting from EIG buy outs.

    I don’t think Microsoft would allow them to buy them out ? 🙂

    I am so made about what EIG has done to the hosting industry and now they are branching out to

    Email marketing (Constant Contact)

    Payment Processing (transfirst)

    These people has to be stop before they destroy the entire Internet.

    So I am in the process of developing a website:

    For people to file their EIG horror stories with links on how to take action to prevent them from spreading any more.

    Reports for Investors, Web Site and Business Owners, Current and Former Employees.

    Will serve as a centralize repository of information so we can be united to take a stand 🙂

    • Hi Brian,
      Yes, it looks like EIG is taking over not just hosting, but all the parts of the Internet infrastructure piece by piece.
      Good luck with your website.
      Feel free to let me know when it starts getting some traction 😉

  61. Hey! thanks for sharing the information. You did a great thing by providing the list. People can take sound decision taking this as a consideration.

  62. Thanks for sharing this information. I am a non-tech savvy person when it comes to website controls and I was tasked with trying to get a website for our local church. We’ve been having problems getting into the website for changes. I just tried calling the number on my credit card where there is a charge and the number connects and then it drops, so I have to resort in email/messaging. Would it be easier to cancel with them and move the website name to another service provider?

    • Hi Colleen,

      Sorry to hear you have had problems with your website and hosting.

      If you can’t access your website and your host does not respond, then the only the way is to go to another hosting.
      Good hosts usually respond to your support request within tens of minutes (with emails or tickets). For average hosts it may take up to 24 hours.

      By the way, keep in mind that it’s always better to keep your domain in one place (domain registrar, e.g. I’m using NameCheap for this website) and hosting (where your website files are located) in another place (see my recommended hosting list here).

      You are welcome to contact me and ask any questions if you need. I will be happy to help you.

  63. Hi Great researcher.
    the informations that included in this is very very helpful it’s not just some words it’s a knowledge that lead you to do the right choice for your business or small website.
    I’ve read all topics that you give me sense last night and i decided not to use any of EIG companies.
    after deep reading i found this hosting providers are the most reliable for me.

    1- hawkhost
    2- siteground
    3- stablehost
    great -_-
    now i have a question did Stablehost have a Unlimited Email Accounts ? because is not mentioned there

    could you please tell me which one is good for me.

    mention that i don’t care about website builder.
    and i have a very good TECH knowledge i have secure my website with .htacces as you said and do the backup and a lot.

    • Hey Murad,

      You did a very good job 🙂

      Yes, StableHost has unlimited email accounts (see their features section –

      All these three hosts are great.

      If you need chat or phone support, then you may want to go definitely with SiteGround.

      If dealing with tickets is enough for you (answered within a couple of hours usually) then StableHost or HawkHost are really fine.
      According to my tests they both perform nearly the same.

      You choice may be dependent on some details or your liking.
      Here’s some more information on the hosts:

      StableHost has Phoenix, Chicago and Amsterdam, Netherlands Datacenters.
      HawkHost has Dallas, Texas; Washington, DC; Los Angeles, California; Singapore and Amsterdam, Netherlands server locations.
      If you have your audience concetrated in a specific area, it makes sense to choose the closest server location.

      StableHost has both storage-limited plans (starting from 3 Gb) and unlimited plans. HawkHost gives you storage starting from 10 GB.

      For StableHost I’ve got a 40% discount code for the first invoice (you might have already seen it here).
      And HawkHost is running a special 30% recurring discount on its website. So it’s a good chance to take it too.

      So, they are both more or less the same to a big extent, but differs in some details.
      You may also contact both hosts and ask them some questions to see which one you like the most.
      However, I find both hosts efficient from this perspective.

  64. Good list. Thanks.

    I’m hosting an with Arvixe, which was recently devoured & ruined by EIG. I’m looking for a replacement site, but hosts are hard to find, especially at Arvixe’s former excellent pricing. Any chance you have any research on non-EIG ASP.Net Hosting Services? I see you have a list of hosting services on your “EIG Sucks!” (yes it totally does), but it is very light on ASP.Net hosts (only two in the list offer Windows hosting, and only one of those does ASP (Liquid)”. Any chance you might do some, or have done some, research on this as well? That would be awesome. Thanks!

    • Hi,
      Thanks for your comment.
      Unfortunately I have not made a deep research on windows/ hosting.
      And the budget hosts that I have come across seem hit or miss.
      What I can recommend regarding reliable asp hosting is using VPS, but this is not as affordable as the shared hosting.

      • @vbwyrde, I’ve been using WinHost for a few years now and have had good results with them. I host about four or five sites there. I use them for Classic ASP, but I’m almost certain they offer .NET. Can’t imagine a Windows server not. Check them out (

        For better or worse, almost all of my needs have been ASP needs for the past 15 years. I’ve been through the block a number of times on EIG companies. Started with ReadyHosting, and it was okay, but then they got bought by EIG. Didn’t know who they were at the time, just new that RH was “migrating” to a new hosting platform, which didn’t offer the same functionality as I had had. They also turned off autorenew for a domain and let it expire and then charged a $250 ransom to get it back–they owned it themselves.

        Anyway, I moved my few sites at that time to WebHost4Life. They were a really good host. My business grew and I added more sites there. Then EIG bought them. I got the same migration announcements. And sure enough, I couldn’t do a number of the things I had chosen WH4L specifically for. I was really ticked. This is when I started to find out about EIG. I tried to get refunds on the annual payments I had made, as what I had paid for was being taken away. They would not refund my money. A couple were even still within the original free trial period. That’s when I learned that EIG was truly evil (that and the domain ransom above).

        I moved the sites to Dotster. They were not as good as WH4L had been, but they were at least acceptable. I was there for a few years, and then they got bought by EIG. I knew enough to get out fast, and found WinHost. That was in 2010. Fortunately, WinHost has stayed out of EIG’s hands thus far.

        We also had a client who handled domain registration themselves and moved things away from where we had registered them, to Blue Domino, an EIG company. I warned them that there could be trouble, and sure enough, a few years later, they too had the auto-renew on one of their key domains mysteriously turned off, and the domain expired. At least in this case, we became aware of it when the site didn’t respond anymore and we were able to go in and manually renew without being charged a ransom. I was actually quite surprised that EIG did not make us pay a ransom fee.

        My company does not do development anymore, so the number of my sites has decreased. And some of those have outgrown shared hosting, and we are using VPS hosting at LiquidWeb (which I’m happy to see is recommended on this site). But I do have a few legacy customers that we still coordinate the hosting for on WinHost, as well as our own company website. It’s been the most stable six years we’ve had, hosting-wise.

  65. I am Italian. I like American customer care and QoS, for that reason I decided for an American VPS. I choosed AsmallOrange. At the Christmas time there was a blackout for fifteen days. I started a new research for another service. I read this article and I tryed to choose another service, far from EIG services, as you suggested. I landed to InmotionHosting. I subscribed to a VPS to start the migration of my websites. Now I have two VPS, the first is ASO and the second an InmotionHosting VPS plan. The INH is the double of the ASO one, in power terms and PRICE! But it is very very very SLOW! I read this article and I found a Fake situation! The ASO is the half of CPU, the half of ram and the half of price! But doubled in speed tests. I don’t write links but if you want I can send you two website adresses to test! I am loosing money and next expiration I will retourn back to ASO services! I trusted you and Hostingtalk forum and something was wrong.

    • Hi Gian,

      Sorry to hear your sad experience with VPS services.

      Not all non-EIG hosts are good.

      Also, IMH shared hosting looks not bad on my tests so far, but I have not tested their VPS services. Hosts like IMH target mass audience and are good for beginner users first of all who don’t have much server requirements and look for beginner-user friendliness.

      You use VPS and this is not a beginner users’ segment. That’s why you need to look for a VPS providers who probably focus less on marketing and much more on quality.

      I have a recommended VPS hosting providers list that you can find here. These are reliable VPS services.

      By the way, there’s not much sense in comparing VPS services only by advertised CPU, RAM etc. You need to choose VPS at the first place by real VPS clients reviews and companies’ reputation in the VPS segment.

      Feel free to contact me if I you need any further assistance.

  66. Dablu jaiswal says:

    Actually i was going to buy resellerclub hosting but after reading this ur detailed article i saved.
    Thanks for ur truth, transparency & courage to write against EIG.

  67. Hey Michael,

    I appreciate you making this list and providing references unlike many of the other lists available online. However, I think some of the referenced websites have errors that led to you having some non-EIG brands included in your list.

    I had suspicions that Dollar2Host, SoutheastWebGroup, MyResellerHome, and 2slick were not owned by EIG as I couldn’t find strong evidence. I’ve since contacted Dollar2Host and MyResellerHome. Both explicitly denied being owned by EIG. I was unable to reach the other two entities. My list (and the relevant references) are available online–HostDepth–EIG Brand List

    • Thanks Chris for your input.
      SoutheastWebGroup and SoutheastWeb look like different companies. And as regards other hosts you’ve mentioned I’ll check them out additionally.

      • Your totally right about those being different companies–my mistake.

        I’m also suspicious the SoutheastWeb is not owned by EIG, but uncertain. I’ll let you know if I find anything conclusive. I think some sites using the WHMCS platform have been mistakenly considered EIG-owned according to many lists of EIG brands that are found online.

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