Best Website Hosting Companies – Fooling

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Choosing Best Website Hosting Companies – fooled and puzzled

I thought top web hosts are really top…

I have written this post series for not only to help beginners to choose a problem-free best website hosting, but also for other web site owners and web masters who have not heard (I wish you had!) of EIG yet.

Before we start, here is a 40-sec slide show video I made as a short introduction for this article series.

Alright, don’t want to be fooled by lousy web hosting companies? Then let’s move on.

Please look through the Table of Contents below. It will give you a general idea of what we will be talking about.

How much of it you might want to read?

  • If you haven’t heard of EIG before, then it is highly recommended to read everything as this is a valuable information. It can change your mindset about where to search for the best website hosting (as it changed my mindset when I got to know it). It is not much, the posts are pretty short.
  • If you are web hosting specialist, then you may read it and then share your opinion.
    I and other readers will be happy to see what you think and discuss it.

If you want to cut to the chase, go direct to the final list with recommended web hosting companies.

Table of Contents for Best Website Hosting post series

Why I wrote this post series about choosing the best website hosting (shared plans)
The only paragraph you must read about shared web hosting
What is wrong with top web hosting review sites
How to find out if a review is fake
How to find a review you can trust
What may be wrong with the hosts that offer enormous affiliate commissions
How to choose good quality hosting for affordable budget; DON’Ts and thoughts
  What is overselling and how it is connected with overloading?
  Smaller companies’ game on web host market playground
  Loving the idea of smaller companies with better service and more personal approach
  A couple of notes about deceitful EIG host corporation
  Notes about web host ratings, unlimited plans and sign-up bonuses
How Time To First Byte (TTFB) affects hosting speed (11.7 mln test run)
Web hosting to avoid (as full as possible list of EIG hosting companies)
Hosting performance charts (live) and hosting performance historical data
Non-stop hosting testing – Hosting Performance Contest:
hosting performance contest

Recommendations for choosing the best website hosting
  Who may need these recommendations?
  How can you use the recommendations?
  In short, how did I come to these recommendation list?
  The recommended list of web hosts (shared, VPS, reseller, dedicated)
  The quiz that helps you choose the great hosting that fits you the best (it’s far not just about pricing and technical stuff):
most comfortable hosting - result
Top Hosting Affiliate Programs: Dirty Bloggers Secrets Revealed
  Analysis and advice how to find a good host among aggressive marketing
  Hosting comparison table with pricing and affiliate data:
  Title Top Affiliate Programs

If you have any questions, please contact me via email form or simply go to this blog post and leave your question in the comments. I will be happy to get back to you with my best knowledge. See you!

Last updated on October 7, 2017
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