I Asked ChatGPT To Recommend The Best Hosting And Its Reply Was …

Just a short post as my input to popularisation of ChatGPT :) Not sponsored, as usual, truly my recommendations :) I have been playing with ChatGPT lately, which is a text-based AI chat bot if you have still been ignoring the hype :) Yeah, I've joined the hype, and even decided to make a short post. Although I am not a follow-the-hype person at all, by the way. Before revealing you what … [Read more...]

My Impressions After Creating My First Project With Wickeditor

In my previous post I shared my finding about a cool free tool named Wickeditor. It allows creating animated and interactive experiences that you can embed in your post or page. I wanted to try it first hand and let you know how it went. And also, I am sharing my Wickeditor file project in this post. And I am going to create a short tutorial with you in my next post. You can do different … [Read more...]

Create Interactive Infographics, GIFs And Simple Games On Your Site Easily And For Free with Wick Editor

For quite a long time I’ve been not so actively looking for a tool that can let you add interactivity to your website. There are many different tools and options but I wanted something both free and easy to use (with no coding if possible). And this is Wick Editor.   What I already had for you to suggest before Wick Editor Creating image maps with clickable areas is the easiest … [Read more...]

Best Opt-in Plugin: Why I Use ThriveLeads (Updated: March 2024)

  A blog without subscribers is like friendship without old friends. If you are looking for the best opt-in plugin for your needs and budget, or just want to see the advanced features that an opt-in plugin may have, then you will find my review very useful. Update: Starting from February 2021 ThriveLeads is not offered as pay-once-use-forever single plugin anymore. You can get … [Read more...]

The Differences Between The Types Of Hosting That Go Beyond Marketing Tricks

There are tons of articles in the Internet devoted to “types of hosting” topic. But people still are not sure why a hosting or a hosting plan is called this way. For a person who is dealing with different hosts very often it’s pretty clear why many people are puzzled with hosting types. Before all, hosting types are not clearly determined in many ways in the hosting industry itself (e.g. “what … [Read more...]

Blown FatCow Review or how I test-rode a half-dead web hosting and what you can learn from it

Introduction I'd like to share my one-month experience of using FatCow web hosting which is one of the brands owned by Endurance International Group (EIG). And I'll give you tips how to avoid being manipulated as a customer and how you can leverage you marketing efforts as an entrepreneur by revealing you the FatCow lessons I've learned. From this article you'll know: Why numerous top web … [Read more...]

How to get off the marketing hook of time scarcity pressure

Hey, I'm not against of marketing which is indeed helpful. I'm against of manipulative selling pitches. Because pitches are something that make you buy some product NOW, even if you regret about it a bit later. And if you wait for a while, measure it twice, you may realize that you do not need that stuff. Or you may find a better deal. I'm an idealist from many perspectives, and I … [Read more...]

Disadvantages of Truthful Marketing and Hypnosis

Daydreaming with Seth Godin – All Marketers Are Liars, part 10 The table of contents for the whole series is here. This is the tenth part of discussions about Seth Godin's bestseller book “All marketers are liars”. And we'll talk below about hypnosis and disadvantages of truthful marketing. You may want to have a look at the previous session where we touched the problems that lying … [Read more...]

How Do You Use Your Marketing Power?

Daydreaming with Seth Godin – All Marketers Are Liars, part 9 The table of contents for the whole series is here. This is the ninth part of daydreaming with discussions about Seth Godin's bestseller book “All marketers are liars”. Have a look at the previous episode where we continued arguing about Seth Godin's book and pondered upon if lie affect personality of liars and why lying … [Read more...]

My question to Seth Godin that did not come through copyblogger.com

I tried to post my comment on http://www.copyblogger.com/authority-intensive-seth-godin/#comment-1241892, but for some reason it did not appear there. I assumed it was too big. It also did not let me to post the comment again, saying that the comment was already there. So I'm posting that comment on my website. Update: Brian Clark from Copyblogger was kind to look for my comment on his website … [Read more...]