The Differences Between The Types Of Hosting That Go Beyond Marketing Tricks

There are tons of articles in the Internet devoted to “types of hosting” topic. But people still are not sure why a hosting or a hosting plan is called this way. For a person who is dealing with different hosts very often it’s pretty clear why many people are puzzled with hosting types. Before all, hosting types are not clearly determined in many ways in the hosting industry itself (e.g. “what … [Read more...]

Managed WP Hosting And Peace Of Mind. What’s the point?

I decided to write this article as a go-to page for the answer to the question what is managed WordPress hosting, how it’s different from a regular shared hosting, why it costs more than other types of hosts, whether it’s more powerful or better in any other way than shared hosting plans, and to help you find out whether it’s good for you after all. From time to time I discuss, suggest … [Read more...]

Unlimited Hosting Is Limited. Practical Recommendations On Choosing A Host

If you choose between unlimited and limited hosting, you will likely prefer unlimited if the price is no big difference. And if the price differs significantly you will likely realistically estimate whether you need the “unlimited” word in your hosting plan title. Are you sure that an unlimited plan is what you really need? And what is really behind “unlimited” plans? By the way, here's … [Read more...]

My Host Was Bought By Other Hosting Company. What Should I Do?

This happens silently. Your host has been acquired. And when it’s already over, you wake up, check your inbox and find out an email from the CEO of your hosting. It says that today is the great day to let you know that new horizons are open for the hosting because it becomes a part of another super-duper company. Should you share the CEO’s optimism? Or should you pack your bags and look for a … [Read more...]

The Dirty Tricks That Hosts May Use To Take Your Money. Incredible Arrogance.

The interesting point is that the difference between selling and tricky selling can be not obvious to hosting clients sometimes. If you have no or little experience you may even be not aware of the fact that you pay too much or that you are sold something you don’t really need. But after all, from an experienced user’s point of view, the tricks that some hosts use can be called dirty for a … [Read more...]

Blown FatCow Review or how I test-rode a half-dead web hosting and what you can learn from it

Introduction I'd like to share my one-month experience of using FatCow web hosting which is one of the brands owned by Endurance International Group (EIG). And I'll give you tips how to avoid being manipulated as a customer and how you can leverage you marketing efforts as an entrepreneur by revealing you the FatCow lessons I've learned. From this article you'll know: Why numerous top web … [Read more...]

How to get off the marketing hook of time scarcity pressure

Hey, I'm not against of marketing which is indeed helpful. I'm against of manipulative selling pitches. Because pitches are something that make you buy some product NOW, even if you regret about it a bit later. And if you wait for a while, measure it twice, you may realize that you do not need that stuff. Or you may find a better deal. I'm an idealist from many perspectives, and I … [Read more...]