Live charts displaying the current performance of hosting

This page contains live charts which display the current performance of the hosts (uptime and speed).

Go to this page to see the tables with average monthly data (convenient for analysis and choosing the best performing host)

There are two monitoring charts for each hosting monitored below: HTTP server response time (Time To First Byte) in milliseconds with uptime (determines a website accessibility) and full page load time (determines how long it takes to fully load a page for a real user) in seconds. The charts are real-time and updated every 1 minute and every 15 minutes respectively. The charts are interactive – you can change a date range and zoom.

The monitoring is performed from different US East and US West locations. Note that down-time or bad performance fixed from just one location does not mean that the website is down or slow to load – it just means that the ping did not come through (or other network issues) along the way from a monitoring location to the server and back. The site may be considered to be down or slow to load if both monitoring locations display issues at the same time.


These charts are interactive and display the real-time performance of the monitored hosts


Check out StableHost hosting plans
See my StableHost review


Check out VeeroTech hosting plans
See my VeeroTech review


Check out HawkHost hosting plans
See my HawkHost review


Check out SiteGround hosting plans
See my SiteGround review


Check out GeekStorage hosting plans
See my GeekStorage review


Check out Squidix hosting plans
See my Squidix review


Check out MDDHosting hosting plans
See my MDDHosting review


Check out HostWinds hosting plans
HostWinds has affordable plans. I’ve been monitoring this host since June 2016.


Check out LunarPages hosting plans
LunarPages has affordable plans. I’ve been monitoring this host since June 2016 (using the most basic hosting plan which goes without cPanel).


Check out MochaHost hosting plans
MochaHost has affordable plans. I’ve been monitoring this host since June 2016.


Check out GlowHost hosting plans
Although GlowHost is generally not bad, this is not included in my recommended list where I put together only the best of the best hosts. The reason why I don’t recommend GlowHost explicitly is that although it performs well, it’s still a bit worse from performance point of view than other hosts I recommend for the same price.


Check out Eleven2 hosting plans
I don’t find this host exceptionally good, especially compared to other host which I recommend in its price range.


Check out GreenGeeks plans
Its performance is not stellar compared to other hosts in this pricing category.


Check out A2Hosting plans
See my A2Hosting review


Check out InMotionHosting plans
As long as I monitor this host, it shows pretty good performance.

By the way, here’s a disclosure: There are some affiliate links on this page. In other words, I get paid if you click on the links and make a purchase. All such links open in new window/tab; no software/program will be installed to your computer. (This is a standard notice required by hosting companies.)
Please note that although all hosts mentioned in this article are well-established and considered to be very good, I highly recommend not all of them. My recommended hosts are here.

What you can do next?

  • Go to this page to see the tables with average monthly data (convenient for analysis and choosing the best performing host).
  • See my recommended hosts and read my reviews on them.
  • Read my posts for each of the Monthly Hosting Performance Contest.
  • Check out the best hosting performance contest results starting from February 2016.
  • Read the methodology of the Hosting Performance Contest.
  • See the list of hosts to avoid (EIG brands).
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