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Hey, it’s great you’re here! Look below what you can get from this website.

The symbol of ResearchAsaHobby.com. He is an online researcher, open-minded and friendly. Btw, he loves hiking and even more extreme leisure.

Meet Raah, the symbol of ResearchAsaHobby.com. He is an online researcher, open-minded and friendly. Btw, he loves hiking and even more extreme leisure.

My name is Michael Bely and I’m happy to meet you on ResearchAsaHobby.com.

Main idea

The main idea of “Research as a Hobby” is to truthfully analyze resources and tools and discuss business mindset to help you (a small business owner, a business-minded blogger) to avoid pitfalls of internet marketing fluff and move beyond the obstacles that are on your way.

My motto is to help people, share knowledge and be truthful.

You can spend hours and hours doing your own research from scratch or you may just look here if I have already done the research you need. Simply subscribe to free updates and get to your inbox the condensed knowledge.

That’s me. Nice to meet you! Raah and I are close friends and we share the same passions.

What I can do for you

I share my researches of resources and tools with you. I am driven by a good portion of my researching perfectionism supported by 10+ years of working experience in a software development field and data analysis. Also there is a little critic angel inside me who helps me search for good stuff in the web and dig deeper into the things that an average blogger does not do.

My researches are useful if you apply the information that I share with you and if you take actions.
The internet is overcrowded with content. I enjoy to filter out bullsh*t and pure marketing fluff.
I find and analyze the useful stuff so that you could act, not just read.


Why I created this website

  • I help you by explaining technically difficult things about website-related things in a simple languagee without losing the important details. This allows you solve issues on your website and improve your website without being a technical person.
  • I input more order in the marketing niche of the Internet, so that you could save huge amount of time and money achieving your blogging and small business goals.
  • I enjoy finding valuable tools and sources of information, analyzing it, structuring it, synthesizing it and picking out the most useful things out of it.
  • I utilize my research passion in a very useful way in an informal form like this blog.
  • I started this website as a hobby project (that’s why you see a word ‘hobby’ in the name of the website).
  • I do my best so that my research hobby and passion could be helpful for you.
    I help people as much as I can in the comments on my blog and by email messages (contact form).
    My readers appreciate what I do and I’m very proud of it.
    Michael Bely from researchasahobby stans up against decay

    What exactly you can find now on ResearchAsaHobby.com?

    There are quite a few articles and researches on my website. Here are some of the most useful and popular ones:

    • You can find my research on shared web hosting. By the way, I used it for myself when choosing a web host for this website. A little warning: This is not promoting any of the stuff that you may find on myriads of web hosting review sites. DON’T read this research if you prefer going with masses.
      web hosting research on ResearchAsaHobby.com

      Most web hosting reviews sites are just affiliate money generators

    • I’ve been running continuious tests on hosts, which I call Hosting Performance Contest, to find out what hosting is the most reliable and the fastest. Besides, there are real-time hosting performance charts on this page.
      hosting performance contest
    • The detailed tutorial how to protect your WordPress site from hackers and malicious bots. It contains the most useful and efficient advice step-by-step showing you how you can make your website much more secure place without spending money. I use it for my own websites.
      Also, read here a detailed feature-based comparison of WordPress security plugins and solutions (both free and paid).
      protect your WordPress from hacking

      Don’t be hacker’s lunch

    • In-depth review of backup services for your WordPress website. After making this research I’ve chosen a backup service for my websites.
      Best Backup Services

      Best Backup Services In-Depth Comparison

    • How to backup your WordPress website for free and effectively with video as well as text&screenshots tutorials is in this big article. Apart from standard methods of backup via cPanel Backup Wizard tool (which is very useful for both very beginners and experienced users), there’s a advanced and free way explained and demonstrated in easy step-by-step details how to backup your website automatically and on schedule to Google Drive via UpdraftPlus plugin.
      Backup wordpress to google drive - title

      How to backup your WordPress effectively, easily and for free

    • Here’s my in-depth review of the best email opt-in plugin that I could find. I use it myself. And this is not just for getting more email subscribers!
      Best opt-in plugin ThriveLeads title
    • Practical thoughts on selecting and using GDPR-compliant hosting. This is a useful article from a strategic point of view.
      GDPR compliant hosting - title

    • Here’s my easy tutorial about how to migrate or clone your website easily and for free even if you site is large (using All-in-one WP Migration plugin).
      how to migrate big websites for free

    • Here’s my very detailed and easy tutorial how to clone your website for testing and experiments on your subdomain (using WP Clone plugin).
      how to clone website for free - title

    • I’ve analyzed and compared hosts by their affiliate programs and pricing. The aim of this analysis is to show you a way how to find out a good host among aggressive affiliate marketing. Here’s the post and here’s the hosting comparison table.
      Title Top Affiliate Programs
    • I’ve run 4,176 tests to find out how much A2Hosting Turbo is faster than its general hosting plan. Read the article here.
      is A2Hosting Turbo really worth it
    • I’ve run 11.7 mln tests to find out how Time To First Byte (TTFB) affects hosting speed and website performance. Read the article here.
      Using Time To First Byte (TTFB) To Judge Hosting Speed
    • I’ve run more than 32K test to find out which one of the two best free caching plugins (W3 Total Cache or WP Super Cache) can make your website faster. And also I compared them to Sucuri Firewall caching option. See my research here.
      best caching plugins to make wordpress faster
    • I’ve written a detailed article to explain settings of W3 Total Cache plugin and recommend how you can set it up. Also, this article is useful for beginner or non-technical users who want to understand caching deeper.
      How to Configure W3 Total Cache
    • DDOS attacks becomes more and more powerful. You need to know what it is and how to protect from it (if it’s possible at all!). Who is responsible for DDOS protection – you or your host? Who will pay after all? Read my article and take care!
      DDoS attacks title
    • Making your site available via HTTPS may seem a technically challenging task (especially considering fixing mixed content issues). I’ve written a tutorial to make this topic as clear as possible. It will help you move your WordPress website to HTTPS easily and the right way. Read my tutorial (including video) and do the migration!
      migrate wordpress website to https - title
    • I’ve tested the speed of an affordable host and a more expensive one 1800 times from 17 locations around the world. I wanted to see how the performance differs for visitors from different parts of the world. Read my article and be aware about it when testing the speed of your site!
      Cheaper and more expensive hosts comparison title
    • In this article I explain how you can monitor and control your shared hosting performance using free cPanel tools. This will help you know whether your website experiences short-time slowness or even downtimes. Don’t make your visitors suffer, read my article.
      monitor hosting issues - title
    • I’ve analyzed how a free lazy load plugin can improve your website speed. I’ve run 50 tests, focusing on full page load time, start render time and visually complete time. Read my article and apply the same techniques!
      using lazy load to make your website faster - title
    • I’ve analyzed how faster or slower website becomes when using a free Cloudflare service. I’ve run more than 5 thousand speed test from 17 location worldwide with a free Cloudflare or without it, as well as with or without a caching plugin. The testing website was hosted on a A2hosting Lite plan. Read the article here.
      A2Hosting with and without free Cloudflare Service
    • This time I analyzed how faster a website becomes when enabling a free Cloudflare’s Cache-Everything rule. Although its use is limited, it’s pretty efficient. I’ve run more than 6 thousand speed test from 16 location worldwide enabling and disabling this rule as wellas with and without a caching plugin. The testing website was hosted on the cheapest StableHost Starter plan. Read the article here.
      title cloudflare cache everything
    • I’ve analyzed which free online tool to test website speed is the best (the most stable and reliable). I ran 600 speed tests of the same website usingseveral tools, compared and analyzed measurements. Read my article and use one of the fre tools whenevre you need to test or compare website(s) speed!
      Best Free Online Tool To Check Website Speed A2Hosting Tested
    • This article contains information about when you need to use what type of images. And how to optimize images for free to get a better performing website. Also, I’ve run 52 tests to estimate a typical effect of image optimization. Read the article to follow some useful advice!
      optimize images for free - title
    • A free and easy way to make a responsive clickable areas which get highlighted when moving a mouse over them. See the tutorial here! And another tutorial shows how to add interactive section in WP content to display additional information for the highlighted image areas.
      optimize images for free - title
    • A free, very easy and super effective way to utilize interactive 3D worlds on your website (plus my article about the simplest and free online 3D modelling tool):
      3D interactivity - Sketchfab blog post title
    • My FatCow hosting review that I turned into a case study showing how a company can use psychological tricks to make you buy, and how you can resist the tricks being a customer or use it wisely as an entrepreneur.
      FatCow test drive

      Cow-case study

    • The ideas of the marketing authority and the author of bestsellers, Seth Godin, with his book with provocative title “All marketers are liars” are arguably discussed by Raah and me within my blog. Each post from this series contains a short infographic with essence of wisdom from Seth Godin – the Authority in marketing world. It’s not just a review. It’s more like my attempt to make a marketing world better. Join our Seth Godin Daydreaming Talk!
      All marketers are liars vs Truthful marketing

      Lying marketing vs Truthful marketing

    • Check out my tools of trade.
      Tools and resources on ResearchAsaHobby.com

      Tools and resources that I use

    • My Blog contains useful posts.
      researchasahobby blogging logo

      Useful Blog

    • Also, here’s the list of the most useful articles on my websites in one place broken down by categories
    • In process and in plans: 1. Research and deep comparison of tools, software and plugins you need for establishing and developing your WordPress blog, make it fast and increase traffic. 2. Finding out not standard and very efficient ways to use free tools that will give you competitive advantages.

    So, thank you for reading it to the end and I welcome you to step aboard! Subscribe in the form below and don’t miss new updates.

    I’m always happy to see you visiting my website, using the results of my free researches and participating in discussions.

    See you!
    Michael Bely

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