This website is a virtual expression of my hobby which is analyzing things that I am interested in (for example, Choosing web hosting). So if my hobby can bring me even a little extra income, that will be great and will motivate me to prepare and put the results of my analysis on this website (and it is really time-consuming although pleasant work).

That’s why some links on my website that are affiliate. It means that if you make a purchase following these links, there are chances that I will get some compensation. This compensation is paid by the company where the purchase is made. The companies have special marketing funds for that, so you are welcome to feel comfortable about it since it will not affect you in any way.

Also, please note that I recommend and describe different stuff without any compensation, just because they prove to be good and are worth your attention. Anyway, if anyone doesn’t want to accept the affiliate things at all, he or she can always search for a mentioned company or a product in a new browser window and make a purchase without following my links.)

In addition, all information on my website created by me is entirely based on my researches and opinion. And please treat it correspondingly with your own judgement.


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BTW, I respect your privacy, and of course I don't send spam, affiliate offers or trade your emails. What I send is information that I consider useful.