Wickeditor Tutorial – Clickable Animated Elements

I’ve aready written two short articles about my first date with Wickeditor (here and here). I described the purpose, advantages andrestrictions of Wickeditor – the tool that allows you comparatively easily to create animated web experience on your website, including WordPress. And now I want to share a piece of something practical now. There are some sources, practical guides and … [Read more...]

My Impressions After Creating My First Project With Wickeditor

In my previous post I shared my finding about a cool free tool named Wickeditor. It allows creating animated and interactive experiences that you can embed in your post or page. I wanted to try it first hand and let you know how it went. And also, I am sharing my Wickeditor file project in this post. And I am going to create a short tutorial with you in my next post. You can do different … [Read more...]

Create Interactive Infographics, GIFs And Simple Games On Your Site Easily And For Free with Wick Editor

For quite a long time I’ve been not so actively looking for a tool that can let you add interactivity to your website. There are many different tools and options but I wanted something both free and easy to use (with no coding if possible). And this is Wick Editor.   What I already had for you to suggest before Wick Editor Creating image maps with clickable areas is the easiest … [Read more...]

Best Opt-in Plugin: Why I Use ThriveLeads (Updated: March 2024)

  A blog without subscribers is like friendship without old friends. If you are looking for the best opt-in plugin for your needs and budget, or just want to see the advanced features that an opt-in plugin may have, then you will find my review very useful. Update: Starting from February 2021 ThriveLeads is not offered as pay-once-use-forever single plugin anymore. You can get … [Read more...]

How To Add Tables To WordPress Site Without Plugins

A guy on the Facebook asked me how I add my colorful tables to my blog posts and pages, e.g. like on this page. Also, here’s an example that I made specifically for this tutorial:   Notice the active links inside the cells. The rows get highlighted when you move your mouse over them. The cells get colored automatically depending on the values. And if a table is wider than the screen, … [Read more...]

Problems With Links In SVG? Fix It Easily Like This

My tutorial with creating interactive SVG image and adding it to a WordPress website has been getting popularity over time. And my readers contact me from time to time with issues they meet when they try to create the SVG file in Inkscape. One of the most frequent issues regards dealing with creating and editing links for a SVG area or shape. Most often the issues are connected with clumsy user … [Read more...]

How To Select Image Elements, Leave Multiple Elements Selected Or Remove Other Selected Elements For Free – SVG With CSS And JS In WordPress

  Intro and Demo My tutorial on creating interactive images on which users can select elements by moving a mouse over the elements received very positive feedback. As well as the tutorial on displaying additional information on clicking an interactive image element. And my readers wanted more :) There was a request how to create an image with elements and when clicking on an element … [Read more...]

How To Make A Responsive Image With Clickable Areas For Free

This is a tutorial (including video) how to make a responsive image with clickable areas (i.e. responsive interactive images) for free in WordPress. This will allow you to get an image with multiple areas on it which can be clicked with their own URLs. And when this image is automatically scaled (e.g. when displaying on different mobile devices) the clickable areas scale appropriately. UPDATE: … [Read more...]

How to Make a Blog Post Downloadable (e.g. PDF) With Easy Editing Option And No Duplicate Content For Free

  Intro One of my subscribers, Bruce, suggested making access to my articles in a downloadable format (e.g. PDF). And I thought it was finally time to do it this way or the other. I had considered making downloadable PDFs before. But the tools (plugins) which automatically turn the blog posts and the pages into PDF files did not work very well for me. Mostly because I did not want … [Read more...]

WordPress Dashboard Freezes. CPU Load 100%. How You Can Fix This Baby.

Recently I had to solve the problem with my WordPress site. After logging in into my WordPress website my WP dashboard became non responsive, i.e. not available, it froze. And my website became much-much slower for visitors. It was a challenge that I love. It was the issue that I could not catch for some heck of a time during that day. But I knew it was somewhere close. “Catch me if you can” … [Read more...]