My Impressions After Creating My First Project With Wickeditor

In my previous post I shared my finding about a cool free tool named Wickeditor. It allows creating animated and interactive experiences that you can embed in your post or page. I wanted to try it first hand and let you know how it went. And also, I am sharing my Wickeditor file project in this post. And I am going to create a short tutorial with you in my next post. You can do different … [Read more...]

Create Interactive Infographics, GIFs And Simple Games On Your Site Easily And For Free with Wick Editor

For quite a long time I’ve been not so actively looking for a tool that can let you add interactivity to your website. There are many different tools and options but I wanted something both free and easy to use (with no coding if possible). And this is Wick Editor.   What I already had for you to suggest before Wick Editor Creating image maps with clickable areas is the easiest … [Read more...]

Announcement: Join ResearchAsAHobby’s Facebook Group To Ask Any Questions And Get Udpates On Both Smaller And Bigger Things

This is a short post to announce that now I have a Facebook group. I would love to be as close to my readers as possible. And I believe that this group will help me to increase engagement and develop more personal relationship with you. Finally, the group will be more comfortable for some of you to get in touch with me. What you can expect from the group I will answer your questions which … [Read more...]

As Full As Possible List of EIG Companies and Brands With Details (Beware EIG Hosting and Newfold Digital!)

Moderators of Wikipedia decided that Endurance International Group (EIG)'s page should NOT contain the list of the brands (including hosting) that EIG owns. So they edited the wiki page and removed the list of EIG hosting companies and other EIG brands. Although the wiki page did not contain the full list of hosting providers owned by Endurance International Group, I've fixed it my way - I've put … [Read more...]

The Best Free Online Tool To Check Website Speed (A2Hosting Tested 600 Times)

I’ve picked up six popular free online tools to check website speed and tested my website hosted on A2Hosting (the cheapest Lite plan). And I’ve made 600 tests to find out the most reliable (i.e. the best) tool. And after analyzing the test data I make recommendations on using the particular free online tools which will help you make more precise measurements of your website speed. By … [Read more...]

How To Create An Interactive 3D Infographic With No Skills And For Free (TinkerCad + SketchFab)

In this article I'll show you the easiest way how you can create 3D infographic (3D design, images) for free from scratch. I'll also show my own 3D infographic example (and I give it away for free!) of using this 3D approach in blogging. Besides, I'll give you some ideas how you can use this 3D stuff easily to stand out in the crowd of other bloggers. Read this article and let your creativity go … [Read more...]

Add Beautiful 3D Interactivity To Your Website For Free, Quickly And Easily Using Sketchfab

If you want to create and add fantastic 3D interactivity (and even virtual reality) to your website for free, very easily and within minutes then continue reading this article. You don't need to be a 3d artist; you don't need to have any special skills. Look below at my examples and see that everyone can do it easily and with money spent (tutorial included). Intro Quite often blogs and … [Read more...]

Only 2 Clicks to Know What Web Hosting is Used for a Website

This is a short but useful post about how to find out what web hosting is used for a website. This information may be used as appendix to the article series about choosing a reliable web hosting. Finding out where a website is hosted may be useful in many cases. For example, a web hosting reviewer claims that they themselves use some web host and they says it is so cool. In fact, it is easy to … [Read more...]