Only 2 Clicks to Know What Web Hosting is Used for a Website

This is a short but useful post about how to find out what web hosting is used for a website. This information may be used as appendix to the article series about choosing a reliable web hosting.

Finding out where a website is hosted may be useful in many cases. For example, a web hosting reviewer claims that they themselves use some web host and they says it is so cool. In fact, it is easy to check where the reviewer’s website is hosted in fact.

Option 1
It can be done in two clicks:

Go to a website offering WHOIS service for free: e.g.
Click 1: Choose a Trace option
Click 2: Enter the website URL you want to find out the web hosting for and click GO

How to Know What Web Hosting is Used for a Website

Just 2 clicks – and you know the web hosting for a website

Option 2
If it does not work for any reason, you may use another online service. I also use

Option 3
Alternatively, use ping and traceroute commands in your command prompt.

Usually, these three options is enough to know what web hosting is used for a website.

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  1. You can also use a great tool to locate the IP of a website (Country, Region, City, ISP), free of charge at

    There are more features included, like DNS zone and Media Accounts from a website.


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