21 Marketing Secrets From People Who Made $8 mln in 96 Hours

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Let’s assume you have a product. And here are the marketing secrets how to launch it with a series of 4 videos. Don’t worry if you don’t have a product or don’t feel like making videos. This post is about universal secrets that you may use. I have gathered them from MindValley’s fresh insights here .


How these guys did it.

They used the sequence of 4 videos.

The best days to release them: Mon and Tue (best time to start to say what it will be on this week), Wed, Fri.


Overall secret of videos – take your audience to a journey with you:

* Give all information, all resources they need to go and do it yourself in a series of videos.

* Use loops (open loop by giving some information but not all in one video and the rest in the next one.)

* Sales (final video) – «we have already done it for you»


Building relationship within these 4 videos (the marketing secrets):

1. Be cool with your audience, use your own style (the key to success is if the audience already know you or you have someone behind you whom your audience know).

2. Your audience is hero, not you, even if you show or say something about you.

3. Share your beliefs with your audience (not «you» and «they», but «we»).

4. Tell stories (people love stories).

5. Facts alone don’t sell but emotions do.

6. Stand out (e.g. connect two contradictory parts or people from different and even competing businesses), and people will talk about you.

7. Be human and stay connected (it is especially important with the audience who did not know you before).

9. Give them a decent hook, e.g. show them opportunity with your product.

10. More humility (Ego and confidence are the great things but don’t distance from your audience)

11. Facts + Stories = Great result

12. Create or outline desire for your audience (e.g. earn enough money to quit the job).

13. You need to be a reproducible hero, so that the audience could follow your example.

14. Create unfulfilled desire in your audience (probably they even have not realized that it is so possible)

15. Show your audience roadblocks (explain obstacles and how you’ve overcome them on your example)

16. Show them the light (answer what can help your audience to overcome or avoid the roadblocks)

17. Video 1 – Get naked

Be transparent for your audience about your achievement to show them your successful example and prove your words.

Show them how well it has just worked (e.g. the day before, not a year before). And show everything but the core element (what you sell).

Don’t sell anything, audience will die to know the core secret (a loop, a hook).

18. Video 2 – Dispel the myths (your audience’s concerns)

Give additional information what was behind the scenes, e.g. in internet or affiliate marketing show additional traffic sources that were not obvious but very important.

Build trust by showing that you are professional (you don’t just sell the product, but there is a your decent company behind it).

Deliver more proof that your product is not any way of scam.

Don’t sell it (again this is kind of a loop or a hook).

20. Video 3 – Presale video

– Show what «those guys» (competitors) did not tell you, e.g. show how to set exactly the promotional campaign.

Present the product and get it naked (how it works, what it contains) so that your audience feel confident about it

21. Video 4 – Sales video

Stand out, e.g. not typical version of disclaimer showing the typical result (following FTC requirement). I.e. be cool, transparent.

Show benefits (it does this and that for your audience).

22. You need to do you best to keep your clients happy during 7 days after the purchase (post-sales service should be working extrenely well).


That was it for this summary. If you find it useful, you may want to watch the original video to add some flesh to the bones that I have picked out.


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By the way, what is the hardest secret do you spot in these guys plan?

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