The Differences Between The Types Of Hosting That Go Beyond Marketing Tricks

There are tons of articles in the Internet devoted to “types of hosting” topic. But people still are not sure why a hosting or a hosting plan is called this way. For a person who is dealing with different hosts very often it’s pretty clear why many people are puzzled with hosting types. Before all, hosting types are not clearly determined in many ways in the hosting industry itself (e.g. “what … [Read more...]

Announcement: Join ResearchAsAHobby’s Facebook Group To Ask Any Questions And Get Udpates On Both Smaller And Bigger Things

This is a short post to announce that now I have a Facebook group. I would love to be as close to my readers as possible. And I believe that this group will help me to increase engagement and develop more personal relationship with you. Finally, the group will be more comfortable for some of you to get in touch with me. What you can expect from the group I will answer your questions which … [Read more...]

Looking For a GDPR Compliant Hosting? Forget It! (Practical Thoughts)

Using a GDPR compliant hosting is a part of your business safety strategy when it regards GDPR thing. But you can forget it. Well, almost. Intro This first paragraph of my post was meant to draw your attention. But it’s actually a true statement. And it’s ambiguous like the whole GDPR thing stated on 260 pages. This GDPR stuff in many ways may look like nonsense and an unreasonable … [Read more...]

The Secret Of Successful Blogging. No Tutorial. Just Intuition

You might be motivated or even surprised how easily this or that blogger can earn a lot of money by producing not super sophisticated content. And at a closer look you see that it was quite a work behind the success. But was it just a hard work or is there a secret that makes successful blogging much easier? Here's my attempt to reveal the hidden part. Warning! The stuff I'm going to … [Read more...]

How much money you can earn by blogging. Per-visitor view and strategic advice.

Intro I've written this article to counterbalance and to add to those many implied motivational blog posts called 'income reports' that you can find in the Internet. They tell you how much money you can earn by blogging or how much this or that blogger already earned. Although big income numbers achieved by ordinary guys and gals can be really driving you in a positive way and pumping up … [Read more...]

Try this to develop your business and blogging creativity with pleasure and no efforts

Business success nowadays, including success in blogging, in many ways is about creativity and intuition. Read this and see the images I've got for you below and you can get one more piece of the "secret sauce" of success that may unblock your blogging creativity. Source image used in the title: It's Your Creativity What Makes Your Next Blog Post Popular Your next blog post … [Read more...]