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Business success nowadays, including success in blogging, in many ways is about creativity and intuition. Read this and see the images I’ve got for you below and you can get one more piece of the “secret sauce” of success that may unblock your blogging creativity.
Source image used in the title:

It’s Your Creativity What Makes Your Next Blog Post Popular

Your next blog post can get popular if you touch peoples’ hearts or solve people’s problem in a new, more efficient or more creative way.

Creativity is what in its basis makes you stand out and get your post popular because it breaks through a common sense or status quo delivering to your readers and followers more ideas, more energy, more creativity, more enthusiasm, more motivation, more life, more emotions, more help, more opportunities.

Creativity is what brings in success, brings in the future.

What Power Your Creativity Has

The power and the secret of creativity is that it works effortlessly in a subtle and subconscious way. It makes it a very efficient tool in your arsenal.

You saw something or heard something and BAM! You get like a lightning strike into your head and you get a clear idea of what you want to do, what you have to do, and you feel this is right thing to do.

This is insight. And this comes from your intuition. You may have heard “you need to trust your intuition, learn to trust it”. This is what unbinds your success.

Your Intuition And Creativity Come Hand In Hand

Intuition and creativity are friends. They come together. If you develop your creativity, it will help develop your intuition.

If you have a good intuition, you’ll be able to find creative and efficient ways. With great intuition you can conquer the whole world, or at least become a successful blogger if this is what you want.

Intuition tells you where to go. Creativity shows you how to make it.

You Need To Be Prepared For the Magic

Some bloggers say that there is no magic bullet or you can’t cut the corners when going to your blogging success. Don’t believe them. There is the magic that can push you very much forward to your aims. But you need to be prepared for this magic.

And this is not about buying some informational business products sort of “start making money in two weeks”. This is not the way you need. Because this does not work. Because this can’t be real magic, whatever the sale page of that stuff tells you.

Even if you buy a real spell book you can’t use it if you are not prepared, if your intuition and creativity are not prepared.

Just a description of the steps that you need to make in order to become successful are not enough. Like it’s not enough repeating some abracadabra to make a spell really work.

You need some power in order to handle this magic, in order to let this magic come to you, in order to let this magic help you.

And the power that you need is your creativity and intuition. If you get them, the ordinary things around you will be captured with your magic and will serve you.

Why Most of Us Don’t Have Good Creativity And Intuition

The problem is that our society and public institutions do not want us to be very creative and intuition-skilled. Because the system we are living in has worked the way that people have to grow up controlled and predicted. That’s why most people get the kind of education to become cogs in someone else’s businesses.

But the time changes. And to become successful you will be required to be creative, not just skillful and trained.

Moreover, if you have your own business or you are blogger, then this is especially important to you. You need to make your own path the way no one else has done it before. You will need your intuition and creativity for that. The time is coming when you need your intuition and creativity like never before.

Can You Develop Your Creativity And Intuition?

Yes, there are many ways how you can develop your creativity and intuition.

One of the simple ways is the exercise when you try to think of what you can get if you combine things that could never be combined.

For example, take any two or more things and think what will be if to combine them.
Here’s a try: Drinks + Nails. And it makes it a good business idea, by the way.

First take tangible things since it’s easier with things. After you get comfortable with making new things or ideas up, combine intangible things, philosophical categories. Mix them up, experiment.
Here’s an example: Inevitable + Unreal. And here we go:

It could be you who could get this brilliant idea for a commercial like that…

By the way, I’m curious, whose creativity was that? 🙂

Once you know how to combine things that no-one could do or did not dare to do before, you will be a star. Because you will then do something that was meant to be impossible or unimaginable.

Moreover, when thinking of something as your aim (e,g. you want to have a popular website), you can get all of a sudden the solution how to archive this. This is not an catalytic job that your brain does consciously. This is how your intuition works and this is a subconscious process with the insights that you get.

You even do not realize that it works at first, but then you see that the decisions you made using your intuition was very correct and has led you to your aims, to your success.

My Own Example When A Small Creative and Intuition Worked Very Well For Me

How it used to be

As a hosting reviewer I strongly advise to avoid hosts that are connected with Endurance International Group (this is also known as EIG, the owner of dozens of hosts including HostGator, BlueHost, FatCow and many others). And I used to link out to a wiki page with information about EIG for a reference.

Although the list on that wiki page was not complete, it was still a good reference.

A motivating change has happened

But one day I’ve found out that the list of hosts on that Wiki page was removed.

And at the same moment two thoughts dropped in my head: how to make it accessible again and how to make it not disappear in the future. At the same time, it was a almost subconscious question how to combine the things that could not be combined before: me, Wiki and EIG.

A quick solution came to my mind – publish the list of EIG hosts on my blog.

My lazy hesitations, decision and what happened after it

However, I started to doubt that it’s worth it because I thought that too few people will see this list and it will be not that useful for hosting users community.

But something made me decide that I will have this list of hosts on my blog.

Right after I made the decision to publish the list, new ideas and thoughts started popping in my mind how to improve the list:
– Make this list more complete than it was on the Wiki
– Make it reliable with reference links
– Where to take the information I need

And it all started coming to me effortlessly as if the answers have already been prepared for me. But I had not been prepared for it until I decided that I would definitely publish this list of hosts on my blog.

Since that moment everything was happening so quickly and easily. And literally in a couple of hours I gathered all the information for a blog post. And in a several months it appeared on the first page on Google and in the top for search queries like “EIG hosting”:

blogging creativity - EIG Google Results

That was a success that I did not expect. I’ve done absolutely no SEO for that blog post. I just published it and forgot. Only after several months I found out that my traffic in Google Analytics started to rocket.

Google has favored my new EIG list that I’ve built initially with very little efforts. All I needed is to resist my inner hesitation and make a final decision to publish that list.

Polishing the results

A bit later I made a deeper research and added to the list more EIG hosts. And I keep on adding other hosts as soon as EIG acquires them.
And now this is the most complete list of EIG hosting in the public Internet.

Also I added an ever-green image with the list of EIG hosts so that people could take it to their websites.
I keep this image updated too.
So, my blog post has become very useful and popular source of information.

Blogging creativity - EIG post pageviews

I don’t know for how long time my list of EIG hosts will stay in the top Google search in the future, but this post has already paid me off enough for my efforts.

The moral of this story: listen to your gut and do what you want. Don’t hesitate. Use your creativity, and trust your intuition. And even with very small efforts you can get big results.

Very Simple Task To Develop Your Creativity And Intuition You Can Do Right Now

Here’s a very simple task that I’ve made up for you and you can do if you feel like doing it.

It will help you develop your creativity and tune up your intuition towards your goals. It will be very effective especially if you have not seen stuff like this before.

A short intro:
There’s a research on artificial neural networks by MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory which explores image and speech recognition. Using technique called inceptionism, it’s possible to create pieces of art automatically. But you don’t need to dig into this scientific stuff if this is not of your interest.

Just relax and enjoy seeing the images generated by the artificial intelligence when combining two different images. I’ve picked out some examples for you.

I’m pretty sure you will like it.

But remember, these artificial neural networks are just a miserable mimicking of how a human brain works. So, just imagine what your brain can do when combining two different things (not just images). Okay, here we go, now simply watch and let your thoughts come free:

blogging creativity: bird

blogging creativity: eastern church

blogging creativity: bridge

blogging creativity: cat

blogging creativity: blue buildings

blogging creativity: chamomile tree

blogging creativity: cat crying

blogging creativity: cheese face

blogging creativity: deers

blogging creativity: disgust face

blogging creativity: dog and grass

blogging creativity: eifel tower

blogging creativity: eye wave

blogging creativity: face plants

blogging creativity: man squared

blogging creativity: flower

blogging creativity: frozen lizard

blogging creativity: girl with peaches

blogging creativity: its time to stop

blogging creativity: lake

blogging creativity: moscow sobor

blogging creativity: straw face

blogging creativity: road

blogging creativity: ship

blogging creativity: snowboard wave

blogging creativity: street
Image sources:,

Has anything come up to your mind when looking at these images?

Do you want to try and do something like this? Or maybe totally something else?

Did these images touch anything inside of you? Then try to put down your thoughts and ideas that pop up in your mind.

If you have been thinking recently of your business or your next blog post, then these ideas may help you with it tremendously.
Just put them down.

What if no ideas bursting out of you?

It may be that you feel that new ideas are on the tip of your tongue, but there’s something that blocks you from expressing them?

Then probably you try to filter them some how? Don’t even try to criticize your thoughts.

Just allow yourself to express anything that comes to your mind, even if it’s a total BS. And put your thoughts down before they reach your brain. Even if it’s a complete nonsense. Don’t stop, just keep on writing.

Still not sure where to start?

It should go without efforts, you just need to relax, set it free and let it go.

Take your time and put anything down.

ideally, if you don’t stop writing for about 15 minutes. And after that you can revise it to see what your intuition has tried to tell you.

If you are stuck with ideas from the start

If you creativity is completely blocked from the beginning, then perhaps these thoughts below may help you generate your own ideas:

  • Maybe you’ve got some ideas how you can use this image generating tool if it existed for your business? (by the way, yes, such tools exist – see here, and even the source code for it)
  • Or perhaps this is just a handy tool for generating free and unique images for your blog?
  • Or maybe you want to generate a new image like this and write a blog post about it?
  • Perhaps you want to offer $5 service on Fiverr for creating unique logos using this tool?
  • Or maybe this is a startup idea of creating a new WordPress plugin?
  • Or you want to create an art like that, print it and sell it? Or not sell but just give it as a present? Or just hand it on the wall in your room? Or in your parent’s room?

      Is it just about images?

      Maybe after reading this post and seeing these images you’ve got some ideas that are not connected with generating images at all. If so, then this is where your intuition and creativity really comes into play.

      Don’t criticize your ideas, put them all down within 15 minutes or more (a brainstorming!) and this can be the beginning of something really unique and successful.

      Do you have a blog or a website for sharing your ideas?

      If you don’t have a blog or a website yet, but you are thinking right now whether or when to start it, then listen to yourself – perhaps this is what you have to do at last.

      Maybe many times before you wanted to start it but you stopped before even trying. You kind of wanted a magic kick.

      You need to learn how to catch and use such inspiring moments and use this inspiring energy for creating something new, for starting something new.

      You want to blog about something really cool that you are fond of very much or interested in? This is the voice of your intuition. Listen to it.

      The point is to start and keep moving, feeling that you really love to keep going and get something done. You will find your way through doing. Success will then come whatever you mean under success.

      All technical things that may frighten you like a design of your website, reliability and affordability of hosting, security, backups etc are not THAT important. They are just infrastructure and tools, which are easy to handle after some research that do not require much skills but just some time.

      What is really important is your unique ideas and your unique approach to your blog or individual blog posts.

      You will need to learn how to generate such unique ideas as often as possible when you have a blog. Use every possibility for that. The world is changing very fast and just one good idea may work, or may not work. It may be enough or maybe too little for success. And you need to be sure that you can always find the idea that you will want to develop. Maybe you don’t have a winning idea right now. This is totally okay. The point is to start and keep moving. And when you move, you see more opportunities.

      And remember that unique things that help you become successful are born on the basis of something that already exists. So, look at something that already exists and go higher, beyond or just totally differently than that. You even do not need to think exactly about your next winning idea. Such ideas may come when you don’t expect them. For example, it may happen when you see or hear or feel something. And then catch them and put them down.

      And these ideas will bring you the uniqueness, which is the result of your creativity.
      And uniqueness supported and guided with your intuition will bring you success.

      P.S.; As you could see, this post is not a guide or step-by-step tutorial. This is something that can help you see or feel what you have not seen or felt before. But note that guides and tutorials can not make you successful as fast as the posts like this can. This post can help you get your own сcompetitive advantage by provoking your creativity and tuning up your intuition.

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      I’m sure we will see more tools with artificial intelligence in future that will blow our minds!
      Thanks Maria for your feedback and I’m always glad to hear your opinion!

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