Big affiliate commission web hosts. What’s wrong?

Big affiliate commission web hosts. Owner and money case from mr Mammon

Large commissions for referrals greatly stimulate review web sites to include big affiliate commission web hosts. Such web hosting companies are given attractive ratings in the top charts. And it fantastically converts into new customers for the web hosts.

This practice might be very detrimental in a mid- and long-run for web hosting service quality if the big affiliate commission web host companies do not want to invest enough into client technical support, new hardware, risk management etc. A lot of new customers are just squeezed into the existing capacity. And it makes their life a disaster sooner or later. It is much about overselling and overloading. It is what EIG web hosts are “famous” for.

It is very sad to realize that most of big affiliate commission web hosts will not pay enough attention to customer support and proper server management. Because it is much easier to gain new inexperienced customers and keep them until they realize it and become completely disappointed. By this time a much more clients will have come in place of those who leaves this web host.

By the way, here’s my blog post about affiliate commissions with the comparison table of different hosts:

Title Top Affiliate Programs

Of course, a good web host company should keep an eye on how much clients it can serve well. But there are just different business models. Some web hosts prefer to restrain their growth and keep up with the high quality service.

And here’s my input into making hosts reviews more data-driven and fact-based. I run non-stop tests on some hosts to find the most reliable and the fastest hosting. I call it Hosting Performance Contest:
hosting performance contest

As regards hosts which care more about profit-generating than the quality of their services, they don’t control growth of their client base whereas their hardware is not scalable. Moreover, they cut infrastructure costs regardless of worsening hosting quality.

It becomes much worse if such greedy practice is followed by the corporation that is heading to be a monopolist on the shared hosting market (I am talking about EIG). It means more profit for EIG and less quality service for site owners and web masters.

Thus, big affiliate commission web hosts are often greedy and uncontrollable hunting for new clients with detrimental effect on the offered service. It is especially true for EIG web hosts.

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Last updated on April 3, 2016
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