The only paragraph you must read about shared hosting

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A proper server management is a key to your web project success

Here is the paragraph that is a must-read about shared hosting.
Hosting is called shared because many web sites are hosted on one server and share its resources. The more web sites are on the same server and the more they are resource demanding – the slower and less stable they become.

Proper management of servers by a company, trying to minimize overloading, is a guarantee of your satisfaction with your shared web hosting. The problem of overloading is the most annoying issue that awaits you if you choose not a decent hosting company.
End of the paragraph.

Shared hosting is an entry-level and relatively not expensive kind of web hosting which is the best option from a cost-value perspective when you just start a new website or when you do not have thousands of page views per day yet. As regards VPS (virtual private server) or dedicated server, they are required when your website has become pretty popular and you see that it requires more server resources to function quickly.

By the time when your website becomes popular and more server resource-demanding, you will have gained some practical experience with your hosting to get an idea whether you are happy with it and prefer to stay with these guys and just upgrade your plan or you prefer choosing some other hosting that, perhaps, is specialized in providing VPS (virtual private server) or dedicated servers.

Just as a note for the future. Here is a couple of general recommendations about when it is time to move to VPS or dedicated server.

A VPS or dedicated server can give more speed and better stability to your site or sites. So when is it time to upgrade your plan and head for a VPS or a dedicated server? It depends. But a very rough estimation is when you have more than 25-30 thousand visitors per month, or 5-8 thousand page views daily. Also consider an income approach — when you are ready to cover hosting fees. Of course, the time of upgrading to VPS or dedicated server depends not only on the number of visitors and page views, but also on how much resources your web site requires (e.g. what scripts it runs, how heavy the installed plugins are etc).

So, let me repeat the most important idea of this post. Your web hosting company should properly manage shared servers to avoid overloading which means slowness and more downtime of your website.

By the way, the hosts with low affiliate-vs-price ratio are less likely to overload their server and network resources. Here’s my blog post about affiliate commissions and the comparison table of different hosts:

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And here are my non-stop tests on some hosts to find the most reliable and the fastest hosting. I call it Hosting Performance Contest:
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Last updated on April 3, 2016
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