Kindle Book About Being Fooled by Web Hosting is on Amazon!

My first Kindle book published on Amazon

My first Kindle book published on Amazon

I decided to make a little experiment and put the article series about choosing a web hosting into a Kindle Book on Amazon. So the book can be viewed on mobile devices including Kindle.

I wanted to make the Kindle book free but the system does not let me do so. I guess Amazon wants to have profit from each and every book. So, I said in the description for the book that the content of the book can be found on my website for free. My intention was to see how to publish a Kindle book. Plus probably it will bring in some traffic. We’ll see.

It was pretty easy to self-publish the book. I just started from this Amazon page and read the information from the left side bar.

Actually, the most useful section for me was Simplified Formatting Guide and Guide to Kindle Content Quality

The publishing process for me was as simple as this:
– Create a MS Word doc file according to the formatting guide
– Save it into html filtered format (htm file plus a folder with images)
– Archive the file and the folder into a zip file
– Submit the file to Amazon and fill in forms with all necessary attributes
– The cover was automatically designed for me (I chose one of the several designs).
– And check the result in preview (Amazon has a cool online emulator tool to see the book as a reader will see it on different devices)
Yes, and it was free!

Thus, to make a text book with some images and publish it on Amazon was not a big deal.

You can find the Kindle book on Amazon here.

And do you have your books published? How successful was it?

It's important for me to know what you think