“WPX Hosting reviews seem too good to be true” analysis and demystification

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Title WPX Hosting reviews

I did not really believe my eyes when looking for the first time at the ratio of WPX Hosting positive reviews on TrustPilot. This seemed quite suspicious to me since no or very little negative reviews are possible only if a host has very little reviews at all. But WPX Hosting has already been there for a while and the raging 5-star reviews which have been flooding in since the middle of 2018 made me look into this host deeper.

In this article I want to share with you my analysis of the reviews of WPX Hosting. I will also review this host so that you could clearly see the moments of truth behind the marketing efforts of the host.

By the way, here’s a disclosure: There are some affiliate links on this page. In other words, I get paid if you click on the links and make a purchase. All such links open in new window/tab; no software/program will be installed to your computer. (This is a standard notice required by hosting companies.) Besides, my recommended hosts are here.

Analyzing WPX Hosting reviews: searching for the ”5th element”

I enjoyed analyzing WPX Hosting reviews on TrustPilot. This was something I wanted to sink into. Because I felt that if the reviews are too good and too emotional, then behind them there should be something not so good about WPX Hosting 🙂 Something that most people miss.

And exactly this “something missing” is the “fifth element” which completes the reviews of the hosting. It allows me to review the host in a more balanced and useful way.

Here are the four elements that everyone has a clear access to analyzing WPX Hosting:

  1. Reviews of the host by hosting clients.
  2. Information on the host’s website.
  3. Business connections of the host.
  4. History of the host.

And although the five-elements thing is a bit metaphorical, it makes sense as you will see further.

WPX Hosting reviews - too good reviews

The most important, the fifth missing element, is within the details of all these four elements.

I love analyzing data when I need to find something that breaks the pattern. I feel like I’m a detective itching to find something hidden that most other people can’t find or simply don’t have time or stamina to do this kind of research.

And what I spent most of my stamina on is analyzing numerous reviews of WPX Hosting. Here’s how I did it.

How I analyzed WPX Hosting reviews – simple steps and some magic

Analyzing WPX Hosting reviews in details was the most tedious part. I know that most people just look at the ratio of the reviews, i.e. compare the number of 5-star reviews versus the number of fewer-stars reviews. Also, sometimes people can read random reviews. It’s a simple method, which can be sufficient for a general user. But not for me.

Moreover, almost all WPX Hosting reviews have 5-stars, i.e. it’s a fantastic ratio that I found suspicious. So, the simple method does not work for me anyway.

WPX Hosting reviews - not just the number

Speaking generally, in order to find the missing element I had to put together all the reviews of WPX Hosting, categorize them and find the common pattern. Then to find out the elements which stand out. These enlightening elements can be reviews, phrase slips, combination of reviewers’ skillset and the mentioned points in their reviews etc. These enlightening elements throw the light onto the real side of the host.

Then, after analyzing and collating these pearls of review elements it becomes possible to make up an integral, trustworthy and emotionless review of WPX Hosting.

Here are steps I made to analyze the WPX Hosting reviews to find out the hidden truth elements:

  1. Reading carefully each and every WPX Hosting review on TrustPilot.
  2. Determining how technically experienced each reviewer is (where possible).
  3. Categorizing each review by how detailed a review is.
  4. Determining how long a review has been with the host (where possible).
  5. Categorizing each review by how emotion-driven it is.
  6. Categorizing each review by the pros and cons.
  7. Categorizing each review by how useful it is for potential clients (my estimation).
  8. Statistically analyzing the reviews of WPX Hosting clients in connection with the specified parameters.

I’ve copied all WPX Hosting reviews from TrustPilot and processed them. You can find the processed reviews with all my notes and categorization here.

And for now let me show you what I’ve found looking at the other sources of information about WPX Hosting and then you will see the results of my analysis of WPX Hosting reviews.


Looking for the fifth element on the WPX Hosting’s website

A successful hosting carefully targets the kind of clients who will enjoy the host the most. The idea is simple. The more of the “right” clients WPX Hosting (as well as any other hosting in fact) attracts, the happier the clients will be, and the better reviews the host will get.

The success of WPX Hosting reviews, as you will see further, is based not only on precise targeting the right audience, but also on providing this specific audience exactly what it needs.

Cartoonish style, pleasant colors, large fonts, neat design in general and demonstrating care to animals are appealing to the individuals and the small business guys and gals who are not technical. WPX Hosting sort of says, “Hey, this is a cool place to have business together, we are cool and nice, we are like you and we do understand your needs”.

In addition, WPX Hosting’s website design is very different from the competitors like WP Engine, Kinsta, SiteGround, LiquidWeb. Being different means standing out. In conjunction with proper targeting this works well for WPX Hosting and its clients who feel that they like the spirit of the hosting.

Also, what I also found interesting (but explainable) when I was analyzing WPX Hosting’s website is that there are amateurish video reviews made by real users placed on the main page. This is a 180-degree different approach compared to enterprise-level hosts and other hosts which want to look “serious”. They hire a production company to make a high-quality video with great sound and even motion graphics for this purpose. WPX Hosting made it dead simple and thus more genuine and appealing to individuals and small business people. That is focusing on the right audience.

It’s all cool. But WPX Hosting’s website is just an invitational and introductory part. Many other hosts also do target the right audience, but WPX Hosting manages to make further steps well too. The real value of WPX Hosting is comprised of the work done by the technicians who provide a high-quality hosting performance and the technical support that makes the life of the clients easy and peaceful (the details on how WPX Hosting manages it are further).

To sum up, one of the parts of WPX Hosting’s success among the clients lies in its website because the host attracts the right kind of clients who are enjoying this host very much. So, it was just a small part of the fifth element which makes helps understand WPX Hosting’s success.


Looking for the fifth element analyzing Business connections of WPX Hosting

WPX Hosting has two noticeable channels of promotion which people are sensitive to – ThriveThemes and Matthew Woodward.

They both are great sources of leads for WPX Hosting. ThriveThemes focuses on beginner agencies developing WordPress sites and Matthew focuses on individuals and beginner agencies who are interested in SEO. So, this precise targeting of leads also helps to attract WPX Hosting users who will find this host amazing because this host is designed for these types of clients.

Besides, WPX Hosting has placed Matthew’s review as the major selling point on the main page of its website above the fold. This is also indicative. Usually hosts place influencers’ reviews somewhere below the fold, but not above the fold on the main page. It’s a quite risky tactics but this pays off because this appeals to the specific audience whom WPX Hosting knows how to satisfy.


Looking for the fifth element analyzing the history of WPX Hosting

A quick analysis of WPX Hosting’s history shows that the host was called TrafficPlanet. The host was founded by Terry Kyle (CEO) and a technician guy from Central Europe. Terry was a known SEO guy some years ago, but when SEO industry became less predictable on a large scale because of Google algorithm evolution he started a hosting business. By the way, he and Matthew Woodward knew each other from those SEO times.

Terry Kyle is not a technical guy in the first place, but he knows how to find a way to the hearts of people. This is a great part of WPX Hosting business. This is another part of the fifth element that I’m revealing in this article to show you why WPX Hosting has gained a great success and why its clients are more than happy.

It’s worth saying that the SEO past of the TrafficPlanet hosting influenced how the host is perceived by potential clients. In other words, client targeting of TrafficPlanet was not ideal. That’s why the reviews of TrafficPlanet were not as stellar as the reviews of WPX Hosting, whereas WPX Hosting is simply a new name (re-branding) without changing the stuff or the servers’ parts of the business.

Thus, it just confirms that the right choice of clients is both advantageous for the hosting and for you as a client. Choosing the hosting that spiritually appeals to you is one of the secrets of your great experience with the host.

WPX Hosting decided that they will not offer cheap shared hosting plans and this is another great decision that the host’s founders made. The point is obvious – the hosting for beginners is mostly about technical support provided the performance of the host is great. And providing great speed and uptime is not a hard task if you have higher prices compared to a typical shared host. Much harder task is to provide consistently great support. And this is where WPX Hosting succeeded too as I will show later.


The risks and disadvantages of WPX Hosting

Actually, WPX Hosting is functioning great and there are more risks than actually disadvantages of the host.

If you are the right client for WPX Hosting, then you are not likely to notice any disadvantages. And the risks are something that may or may not affect the actual hosting in the future. Thus, the very exciting reviews of WPX Hosting are flooding in because the right fit of the clients fall in love with the service that this host provides.

And nevertheless, here are some disadvantages that WPX Hosting has. Read about them below.

WPX Hosting reviews - too positive


Lack of documentation on WPX Hosting

The documentation for using the hosting tools is less developed compared to other hosts which have been on the market longer. At the same time this drawback is very well covered by the support stuff – you just tell them what you need to do if you have difficulties doing it yourself, and the technical support of WPX Hosting does it for you fast. It’s very convenient if you like this way of having the things done, and it’s not very convenient if you prefer doing the things yourself.

Although WPX Hosting’s support is always online for you and fast to do almost everything you need, some people don’t like to rely on the support too much. That’s why I emphasize the-right-fit-for-the-host thing. The right fit will be happy, not the right fit will be a bit disappointed of the lack of the documentation.

On the other hand, this disadvantage is comparatively easy to fix. And I think WPX Hosting will do it if required.


Some migration restrictions

Although the free migration of all you websites and emails is the advantage of WPX Hosting, it has the following restrictions.

Migration to another domain (like you want to migrate from mywebstie.com to mynewwebsite.com) is not free ($98). If you want to use a new domain and you don’t want to pay for migration then I suggest using one of the free or the paid migration plugins. For example I have a tutorial on using a free migration plugin All-in-one WP Migration here.

And there’s no migration possible for WordPress multisite installations. This is a harsh restriction for the owners of WPMU sites. Just in case: if you have multiple WordPress websites (on different domains or on the same domain using subdomains) you don’t need to worry, this is not multisite installation.


Don’t overestimate WPX Hosting speed

The speed of WPX Hosting is in fact comparable with its competitors like for example SiteGround. Despite the single tests that Matthew made showing the supremacy of WPX Hosting, in the long run the speed should not be better compared to other well-managed premium hosts like Kinsta. It also matters what kind of application and how many applications you use on a single account.

WPX Hosting offers to host five websites on a single account which is quite affordable per site (see the actual prices on the WPX Hosting website). If all your sites are heavy ones, the performance will not be as good as if you had just one website. This is just the pure business thing – you can’t provide too much resources for too little price.

After all, the performance of WPX Hosting is really good, at least it’s comparable with what the well-managed competitors offer on their single-website plans. But at the same time, WPX Hosting plans for hosting a bigger number of websites cost multiple times less than its competitors like Kinsta or WP Engine. It makes me think that WPX Hosting’s performance for bigger plans is not superior to these alternative hosts.

Simply don’t overestimate WPX Hosting speed. And of course if you compare the performance of shared hosts or bad hosts like EIG, WPX Hosting’s speed and reliability leave them in the dust no doubt.


Fast growth of WPX Hosting risk

Very fast growth of WPX Hosting is a risk. It may result in degrading support and performance. The risk of too rapid business expanding takes place for any business actually. And if you look at the hosts which have been on the market longer, you can notice it.

For example, human technical support is something that can’t be scaled. If a host acquires more and more clients, it needs more and more qualified and properly trained support. And if there are more clients than well-trained and qualified support stuff can handle, then the clients who are served by less-qualified stuff may start getting disappointed.

That’s one of the main reasons why when reading hosting reviews you may encounter both very positive reviews and negative reviews about a hosting support. WPX Hosting is keeping up very high standards serving its clients. But this risk stays. I think this is the greatest risk.

A similar risk is with WPX Hosting performance. The more clients, the more chances that some clients will have performance issues because of the nature of their applications or simply because the hosting may have some performance issues (there’s no single host without issues in the long run). So this is a risk that you also need to keep in mind if you expect too much from WPX Hosting.

The host is great but it can’t be 100% ideal, like any other host by the way however superb it is. And considering that WPX Hosting is comparatively affordable host per one hosted site (e.g. compared to Kinsta), this raises a risk of having more performance issues in the future.


Too good reputation

Another risk that WPX Hosting has is its too good reputation. It sounds like nonsense, but in fact this provokes very high expectations. I’ve already seen it when I analyzed WPX Hosting reviews. Some people think this host is some kind of fairy tale with no downtimes, always great speed and always stellar support. And very high expectations may result into more expressive negative reviews (sort of “I thought you are so good, but you failed my hopes… Less stars for you for my broken heart!”).

At the same time, I’d welcome more balanced neutral or even negative reviews which could let potential clients of WPX Hosting get a more adequate perception of this host. And by the way, my article is the attempt to counterbalance the numerous too exciting reviews of WPX Hosting to make it look more realistic.

I expect that there will be more negative reviews of WPX Hosting. Because no hosting can have only highly positive reviews for a long time, especially if the hosting acquires clients fast.


”Not the right fit” for WPX Hosting risk

One more risk that you need to be aware of is connected with not the right kind of clients. It means that the more the hosting becomes known thanks to fabulous reviews and word-of-mouth as it keeps providing outstanding support and brilliant performance, the more different kinds of clients will sign up with this hosting (everyone wants to use such a great host, right?).

But if new clients are not “the right fit” for the host it will result into less exciting reviews. And less exciting reviews may influence the host management to shift or dilute their focus and priority of the service. And it can make the hosting’s primary clients (the “right fit”) less satisfied. I will be watching how WPX Hosting will handle this challenge when this issue comes.

Let me remind you that the “right fit” for WPX Hosting is the beginner owners of WordPress sites, not very technical people and the price-concerned agencies. These kinds of clients will benefit the most from using WPX Hosting and they are more likely to be fully satisfied with the host.


Conclusions about risks and disadvantages of WPX Hosting

As you can see, there are more risks than actual disadvantages using this hosting provided you are the right fit for WPX Hosting. It means that the host is really good and its highly satisfied clients keep the fingers crossed to keep the things going on the same way.

At the same time, the path that WPX Hosting goes is risky because they offer too good service for the price currently. And I expect its service quality may go to a more average level which is comparable to its competitors. Or there may be more restriction on server resources or support. Anyway, WPX Hosting has already taken its niche and it continues to develop develops fast. WPX Hosting is worth using for many clients who appreciate both affordable and premium services, especially with multiple websites.

Considering the risks I’d recommend buying a monthly plan. It will give you the freedom to move away any time you want in future. WPX Hosting’s monthly plans are not too much different in pricing compared to yearly plans.


The most important true advantages that WPX Hosting has

Most reviewers of WPX Hosting emphasize the two main advantages of this host: superior speed and unmatched support.

As regards WPX Hosting speed, it’s great. But also take into consideration the points that I explained in the section above.

The technical support is indeed goes extra mile and makes this a true advantage of the host. In conjunction with acquiring “the right clients” strategy, this gives a great positive effect (i.e. the clients are very happy).

WPX Hosting reviews - killing advantages

I’d like to point out two other advantages of WPX Hosting that are not mentioned as often as the speed and the support in numerous reviews:

  1. The first one is the guarantee to clean up your websites from malware unlimited times for free. Some other fully-managed WordPress hosts like Kinsta also offer this kind of service, but Kinsta is considerably more expensive than WPX Hosting (especially if counted per site). Third-party services like Sucuri (which offer unlimited malware cleanup) would cost even multiple times more than WPX Hosting if you have several websites. And more affordable hosts like SiteGround don’t offer free cleanup service. So, it gives us the second advantage.
  2. WPX Hosting is not expensive in fact. If you have multiple websites, then the price calculated per one site is really like the price of a very affordable shared hosting. And with this price you get incomparably better support than with a shared host, and the better speed than with a shared host, and the service of cleaning up your website for free unlimited times in case of contamination (the clean-up service alone can justifies the price). Taking it into account makes WPX Hosting absolutely not expensive.

By the way, free migration that WPX Hosting offers for all new client’s websites is not something new. But combined with the speed of support, it’s a really nice feature.

There are also other advantages that are not pure gold if taken separately, but altogether they show that WPX Hosting is a premium host: DDoS protection (powered by Incapsula), daily backups (stored for 28 days), free SSLs, host’s own CDN, unlimited email addresses.


What I found after analyzing reviews of WPX Hosting

As I listed the steps of my analysis of WPX Hosting reviews above, here are all the results that I will be explaining now piece by piece (clickable):

WPX hosting reviews - table all

The analysis of the reviews will show you what kind of clients love WPX Hosting. It will also reveal the hosting spirit that determines whether it’s likely that you will be happy with the host.


Analysis of WPX Hosting reviews by stars

I have analyzed the reviews of WPX Hosting and categorized them by different factors. Let’s see the break-down by the stars in this section. One star is the worst, five stars is the best.

How technical the reviewers of WPX Hosting are

WPX hosting reviews - stars_technical

A general note: Great host can be especially good for specific kinds of clients. Looking at what kind of clients leave reviews you can understand for whom the host is a better fit.

As you can see, the most reviewers did not specify directly or indirectly their technical level (see the line “N/A (hard to determine)”). But in my opinion, most of them are not highly technically skilled (I can guess it from reading the reviews). They are the users with little or some experience in managing WordPress sites and developing WordPress sites without or with very little coding.

Also, WPX Hosting clients of any technical level give great (mostly 5 star) reviews. As regards experienced users specifically, there are not so many of them leaving reviews. But what is very important is that all of them gave WPX Hosting the maximum mark.

A short resume: most WPS Hosting clients are users with little or some technical skills (i.e. not programmers). And almost all of the reviewers are very happy with WPX Hosting.


How detailed the WPX Hosting reviews are

WPX hosting reviews - stars_detailed

A general note: A detailed review is a sign of a thoughtful user who is pays attention about the details. If a review is positive, then it means that the host did something exceptionally good. Usually, negative reviews have more details.

It’s astonishing to see that WPX Hosting has few negative reviews.

Also, it’s good that most WPX Hosting reviews have some important details, and a big number of the reviews are very specific and detailed.

Still, there are a lot of broad reviews with no specific details. But this is very typical for hosts which have a lot of beginner users.

A short resume: The WPX Hosting reviews are mostly detailed to some extent. It shows that the users are not very pedantic, although pay attention to some details.


How long the reviewers of WPX Hosting have been with the host

WPX hosting reviews - stars_longrun

A general note: A long-term user is like a spouse who has been living with a partner for many years and knows him or her inside out. This is why the reviews of such clients have very big value.

As you can see, most of the PWX Hosting reviewers did not specify how long they have been with the host (the “N/A” line). But I think most of these reviewers have been with WPX Hosting for several months or less.

As regards those reviewers who specified directly or indirectly how long they have been with the host, most of them are short-term clients or just started with WPX Hosting.

Since almost all of the reviews are highly positive (5 stars), this indicates that WPX Hosting amazes people who started using it or just moved from another host.

A short resume: WPX Hosting makes a brilliant impression not only on new clients, but also on those who have been with the host for a long time (the last point is very important, although there are not so many reviews from long-term users).


How emotional the reviews of WPX Hosting are

WPX hosting reviews - stars_emotions

A general note: An emotional feedback is, on the one hand, shows that something really touches the bottom of the reviewer’s heart. On the other hand, emotional reviews are not very good sources of information for getting to know anything specific.

It’s good to see that WPX Hosting reviews are not very emotional in general. It’s a good sign because it makes amazingly positive reviews quite trustworthy.

You can see that there is a significant number of dry and calm WPX Hosting reviews. This shows that there are a lot of thoughtful WPX Hosting clients.

A short resume: WPX Hosting has not only very positive reviews but also most reviews are thoughtful and calm. It brings a strong argument that WPX Hosting does really bring a good value to its clients.


How useful the reviews of WPX Hosting are (my estimate)

WPX hosting reviews - stars_usefulness

A general note: I specified usefulness of each WPX Hosting review according to my own criteria. I have an analytical mind, and I appreciate the reviews which reveal the strong and weak points of the host as objectively as possible with subjective details. In other words, each review is subjective, but useful reviews reveal objective sides of the hosting very well.

As you can see, most WPX Hosting reviews are not very useful from my point of view. This is a normal situation when most reviewers are just expressing their attitude without any particular details. And although “not useful” reviews can’t bring much information individually, they reveal the overall feedback of WPX Hosting clients. And it shows that WPX Hosting does a very good job.

There are also a good number of reviews which I marked as “useful” and “very useful”. If you want to dive into analyzing WPX Hosting reviews yourself and pick out the exact details, I suggest paying attention to these reviews first. I provided the link to the processed and categorized reviews in the section above.

A short resume: WPX Hosting has quite a lot useful and very useful reviews from its actual clients. These clients know what they are talking about and their reviews are most trustworthy from an analytical point of view. Also, WPX Hosting looks amazingly good from the perspective of both analytically-minded users and ordinary users.


Analysis of WPX Hosting reviews by emotional level

Let’s see now the break-down by “how emotional the reviews are” in this section. I’ve pointed out three levels of emotions in the WPX Hosting reviews: Very emotional (“A Lot” label in the tables), Emotions are moderate (“Mid”) and Dry and calm (“Little”).

How technical the reviewers of WPX Hosting are

WPX hosting reviews - emotion_technical

A general note: The table with the “emotional / technical” breakdown shows how emotional clients are and how technically skilled they are.

Most WPX Hosting reviews are not very emotional, but at the same time most of them are not very dry. Also, there are not so many highly experienced users.

The category “N/A (hard to determine)” (regarding how detailed the WPX Hosting reviews are) repeats mostly the patterns of non- technical users and users with some technical skills.

A short resume: According to WPX Hosting reviews, this host is mostly for people who does not have a lot of technical skills and who are professional in their fields.


How detailed the WPX Hosting reviews are

WPX hosting reviews - emotion_detailed

A general note: The table with the “emotional /detailed” breakdown shows how emotional clients are and how detailed reviews they leave.

It’s quite predictable that the less WPX Hosting review is emotional, the more particular details it contains.

But what is worth noting is that there is a significant number of not emotional WPX Hosting reviews which have specific details. After all, most WPX Hosting clients “not very emotional”, and they leave reviews mostly with little or some details.

A short resume: WPX Hosting reviews show that the host is mostly the home for the users who are emotional or not very emotional, and not too pedantic about details at the same time. By the way, this is a similar result to the analysis of how technical the clients are. I.e. Not too technical, not too pedantic – this is how a typical client of WPX Hosting looks like.


How long the reviewers of WPX Hosting have been with the host

WPX hosting reviews - emotion_longrun

A general note: The table with the “emotions / time of being a client” breakdown shows how emotional reviews the clients leave depending on how long they have been with the host.

It’s quite expected that the longer a client is with a hosting, the calmer he or she is when leaving a review. Most WPX Hosting reviews do not contain precise information about how long reviewers have been with the host. But I assume not for very long (I get this impression by reading such reviews).

At the same time, even considering the fact that most WPX Hosting reviewers have been with the host for less than a year, most of their reviews are not too emotional (and not too dry at the same time). It shows that this host is for the people who can control their emotions to some extent. Controlling emotions is also connected with professionalism. And although WPX Hosting is suited best for not very technical users, most reviewers are professionals in their fields.

A short resume: Although most WPX Hosting reviews are from the clients who have been with the host for less than a year, most of the reviews are quite calm. This raises the trustworthiness of the reviews.


Analysis of WPX Hosting reviews by usefulness

In this section there is the break-down by the how useful the reviews are according to my estimations. I’ve pointed out four levels of usefulness of the WPX Hosting reviews: Not useful (“No” label in the tables), Somewhat useful (“A bit”), Useful (“Yes”) and Very useful (“Yes!!”).

How technical the reviewers of WPX Hosting are

WPX hosting reviews - usefulness_technical

A general note: The table with the “technical / useful” breakdown shows how useful reviews are depending on how technically skilled the reviewers are.

As you can see, most useful and very useful WPX Hosting reviews are left by people who are technically experienced or have some technical skills. This is expected as experienced people know the stuff better.

A short resume: Although most clients of WPX Hosting are note very technically skilled, the reviews of the most advanced users are the most useful. Also, there are also some very useful WPX Hosting reviews which belong to people with undefined technical skills (most of these reviewers are not very technical, I think).


How detailed the WPX Hosting reviews are

WPX hosting reviews - usefulness_detailed

A general note: The table with the “detailed / useful” breakdown shows how useful reviews are versus how detailed the reviews are.

This is similar to the technical break down of the WPX Hosting reviews. I.e. the more details a review has, the more likely the review is useful. It’s quite expected. Reading the most useful reviews from different people let get more or less objective image of what WPX Hostingis like.

A short resume: Most WPX Hosting reviews are useful just to a certain extent and do not have enough details. But there is a number of very useful reviews with plenty of details which describe WPX Hosting.


How long the reviewers of WPX Hosting have been with the host

WPX hosting reviews - usefulness_longrun

A general note: This is the table with the “how long a review has been with the host / how useful the review is” breakdown.

There’s also no surprise that the longer clients have been with the host, the more useful review they can write. Long-time clients can reveal hidden sides of the host. And this makes such WPX Hosting reviews especially useful. There are also a number of very useful reviews which are written by clients that I don’t know how long they have been with the host. They are also worth checking out.

A short resume: Most useful reviews are written by the clients who have been with the host for a long time. But apart from that, don’t ignore the WPX Hosting reviews which are written by those who have been a client of this host for a shorter time (moreover, there is a bigger number of such reviews).


How emotional the reviews of WPX Hosting are

WPX hosting reviews - usefulness_emotions

A general note: The table with the “emotional / useful” breakdown shows how useful reviews are depending on how emotional the reviews are.

This is clear that the more emotional review is, the less factual information it brings and the less useful the review is. It is obvious that most WPX Hosting reviews are praising the host. But the potential clients need to know the exact arguments – the actual advantages of the host.

A short resume: Most of the emotional WPX Hosting reviews look the same. But the less a review is emotional, the more unique it is, the more useful information it contains.


What WPX Hosting clients appreciate more often

Here I’d like to share the summarized results of my analysis regarding what the actual hosting clients appreciate the most according to the WPX Hosting reviews. And although this section is not large, this is probably the most useful since it’s both short and clear.

When analyzing WPX Hosting reviews I specified what each reviewer appreciated the most. And then I summarized the data. Each reviewer specified one or more features of WPX Hosting.

Here are the top features that the clients appreciate the most:

WPX hosting reviews - top features

You can see that a huge part of reviewers emphasized that WPX Hosting support amazed them. This is really outstanding. This is the true advantage of WPX Hosting that the clients can’t help but mention in their reviews with excitement.

Speed and Performance of the host also was very well praised. But not even close as often as the support.

On the third place on the chart of the best features of WPX Hosting there’s a general satisfaction with the host.

WPX Hosting pricing is a memorable mention, but it’s not mentioned in the WPX Hosting reviews as often as the above ones.

Here’s another interesting chart that I’ve prepared for you. This is a normalized presentation of the same data. In other words, this chart below shows the share of the WPX Hosting features that amazed its clients:

WPX hosting reviews - top features pie chart

Thus, you have now the understanding of what kind of users love WPX Hosting and what strong sides WPX Hosting really has from the clients’ perspective.


The pieces of the most useful reviews of WPX Hosting

This is the final section of WPX Hosting reviews analysis. And I’d like to show you just a pair of the most useful reviews of the host that reveal the essence of WPX Hosting. You can find these and other WPX Hosting reviews that I marked “very useful” and “Useful” following the link that I shared in the section above.

WPX hosting reviews - most useful 01

WPX hosting reviews - most useful 02

By the way, among the WPX Hosting reviews that I’ve marked as “useful” and “very useful” there are not only 5-start reviews. Moreover, I emphasized neutral and negative reviews so that you could look carefully at them because there are so few of them. I know that no host can be 100% perfect. But WPX Hosting keeps very close to the maximum satisfaction rate possible in hosting industry.



WPX Hosting has too good reviews. One of the reasons is that the host focused on technical support and raised the bar of its quality to a new level. In particular, WPX Hosting’s support goes extra mile compared to all other hosts that people can’t help but leave a positively raving review. This is a next-generation approach in hosting support that WPX Hosting has tackled.

As the host keeps on providing this kind of support further (also by fulfilling its declaration of “Fixed-For-You Guarantee”), WPX Hosting has opened a new era of hosting.

Before recently, even the best hosts had not been going extra mile often. And this was a problem for many beginner users – the scope of the hosting support did not cover their needs. The users either had to learn it themselves or to hire someone who would help managing their websites for them.

Hiring someone is too expensive for most website owners, especially beginners. This is where WPX Hosting found its niche and got a huge success by offering the technical support that goes out of the scope of the hosting issues. Of course, it is not supposed to replace a personal developer for you to re-code your website. But compared to other hosts, WPX Hosting indeed made a huge step to stand out among other hosts and be more successful in meeting the users’ needs.

As regards speed and performance, the host is great. But I don’t say it’s outstanding compared to other hosts from a premium segment. WPX Hosting’s speed is just great. If you are surprised for my moderate opinion, read my explanations above.

Another competitive advantage of WPX Hosting is the following. If you have several websites, then the hosting features (unlimited free malware cleanup, staging, backups etc) with its going-extra-mile technical support look like an extremely high-value-for-the-price option. In particular, unlimited free malware cleanup option alone for all you sites makes this host a bargain.

Finally, I started this article from the challenge to find the fifth element of WPX Hosting that makes it look amazing in reviews. And this element is not just one feature. This element is the combination of all the parts of WPX Hosting with a deliberate focusing on two particular types of clients: beginner or not very technical WordPress users (especially with multiple websites) and price-concerned agencies. On the top of that there is the hosing technical support which goes extra mile and makes the clients cry for joy in the reviews.

From an infrastructure and tool point of view, WPX Hosting is a premium fully fledged WordPress-managed host: staging area, DDoS protection (powered by Incapsula), daily backups (stored for 28 days), free SSLs, host’s own Content Delivery Network, emails

P.S.: I recommend WPX Hosting to you if you a beginner in WordPress and need the most helpful suport hand in the hosting industry. Also, I recommend this host to you if you run an agency that develops WordPress websites and you are comparatively limited in your budget at the moment. Besides, I’d suggest buying a monthly plan because it’s not very much different than yearly contract, but gives you more freedom and allows you to avoid the risks that WPX Hosting has.

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