Best shared hosting case. Why I wrote this post series

You can find these posts from web hosting series useful if you want to find the best shared hosting for you. Under “the best” I mean the most suitable to you according to your preferences. Plus some really useful information that will save you time & money and, what may be more important, your nerves. It is certainly true, even to a greater extent if you have not heard of EIG yet.

I have analyzed many people’s personal experience and public discussions with web host representatives. So after my research journey I’m giving you interesting facts and helpful links. These articles will be kept up-to-date. So I will be happy to share this post series with my friends who finally decide that they need a web site or when they think about migrating to the best shared hosting that they have ever had.

In case you don’t know what is shared hosting, you can read about it in the next post.

As a teaser before you go on reading, I want to confess, I had not heard about EIG before I started my research on the best shared web hosting choosing it for myself in June, 2013. But now I see that EIG is if not a pure evil in web hosting world, then at least a deamon, kind of incubus or succubus over charmed inexperienced web site owners. And I am going to reveal it here.

The information I am giving to you can save you a lot of time of research and can finally give you a peace of mind and clarity when you make up you mind about choosing the best shared hosting. Yes, a much clearer picture what is going on on the web hosting battle field. And a peace of mind to make a decision. These are the two things for which I thank myself most of all after spending hours and hours digesting in an analytical hunger reviews, forum posts, blogger authorities’ advice and other materials. They all threw a light on where the truth about good shared web hosting is.

Last, but not least. I have published my research and thoughts as a sign of my virtual pshawing to many those deceitful and misleading money-making review websites. And on the contrary, I hope you can benefit from thoughtful and truthful pieces of information on this web site.

And by the way, I’d like to generalize that I am not against any particular web hosting review website. I express my anger and disgust towards the overall system of reviewing and ratings nowadays. They add up to our extremely manipulated world where the following sayings rule: “Might makes right”, “Money makes right” and “Money makes might”.

And to throw some light on affiliate money side of things, here’s my blog post and the comparison table of different hosts:

Title Top Affiliate Programs

I believe or maybe want to believe that the established rotten review and rating system should be and can be changed. Maybe I am a bit utopian with a revolutionist flavor and sharpened feeling of justice. And this writing is my two cents (or better to avoid money allegory here and say “two wooden logs”) for the noble fire of decency.

So, here we go. Are you thrilled and ambiguous about choosing the best shared hosting? I was. Do you feel suspicious somewhere at the backyard of your mind that there is something wrong about all the same web hosts advertised on each and every top web hosting review website? I felt that way! But it is clear to me now and I feel great.

By the way, here are my non-stop tests on some hosts to find the most reliable and the fastest hosting. I call it Hosting Performance Contest:
hosting performance contest

What is next?

In this article a foto from public domain is used: Incubus, painting by an unknown author, 1870

Last updated on April 3, 2016
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