High quality web hosting vs Best web hosts

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Be specific about high quality web hosting

Be specific about high quality web hosting

Do people really mean high quality web hosting or anything else when they search for “best web hosting”? So, what is “best” at all then? It is so vague and depends so much on personal preferences, that it almost makes no sense to ask Google about the best something. Do people need cheap, reliable, fast, with great customer or tech support? Or everything in one somehow? I think the latter is assumed under the ‘the best”. Looking for “high quality web hosting” is already a big step forward to the truthful and reliable search results.

People want kind of a magic button “Just show me the best”. By the way, Google’s button “I’m feeling lucky” is the incarnation of such people’s need. As long as people are so general in their requests they will still be a miles away from the search results that may be really very helpful to them and far away from finding high quality web hosting. And moreover, using general search requests is the golden gates for the marketing sharks to people’s brain.

These sharks are spending millions on making perfectly shining banners and selling texts and reviews that allure people and tell them repeatedly “This is the best, this is the only best, come with us” And people believe. They have no choice as they are already in the nets of a marketing charm. So the people charmed by sweet and bright lures go to the marketing sharks’ lunch by their own free will.

Don’t want to be eaten my skilled marketers? Then follow the simple principles:
– Be specific in your search requests. General and broad search queries gives no more than a promoted and paid stuff.
– Be focused on what you want. Don’t let selling texts and top hosting review sites fool you. If you are looking for a high quality web hosting, so keep it in mind and be specific in your mind what it means for you in details, and not what selling text are telling you in general words. If you let the marketing materials guide you and explain what high quality web hosting is, then you are already lost in their sweet nets and they are directing you wherever they want.
– Ask not a search engine about the best something but community of authorities instead (e.g. like this one). They will ask you to be specific on your needs and then will be able to advice you indeed.
– Be lie-detective. Cross-check the information that you get from search engines on money-making websites (if you have to use them anyway) that are returned in search results by queries like “best web hosting”.

Thus, be specific and keep the truly yours criteria in mind.

So it was just a brief and the easiest first-step advice about how to get really what you need and not what you are sold. Just make this little step toward being more precise and conscious about your requests. And search not for a general “best web hosting” but a more specific “high quality web hosting” (put your search query in quotes). And by doing this you will be already just 1 out of 411 web users who knows what they want and who will finally get what they need.

Why 1 out of 411? On July 10, 2013 there were 14,800 per month naive search requests for “best web hosting” and just 36 request (411 times less!) for a more precise “high-quality web hosting” for the same period. And this search request (at the time of writing it at least) return much more adequate and reliable results. So don’t go with simple-minded masses. Be smarter.

Also, there are plenty of useful information in my article series about high quality web hosting, as well as the best, top, super, mega, ultra etc web hosting. And where you can get to know how we are fooled by search engines and web hosting review sites. And there you can learn how to find your best hosting… oh sorry, “the best” is not a good wording…

Do you agree that a right question is already the half of the answer? Share your opinion in the comments below.

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  1. Honestly, I never comparing between these twos. But after reading the post. I guess is very effective we do this kinda comparison. 🙂

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