Seth Godin Lied in the Title of his Book “All Marketers are Liars”

When I read Seth Godin’s post I had a strong feeling as if Seth had been pushed by marketing community or by some other forces to change the title of his book “All marketers are liars” to a less sharp (or less “creative” as Seth says) to please the people who have not read the book.

Well, I have read the book, and changing the title would do the work partly to reduce the negative feedback received by Seth. But as I discuss it in the post series about Seth’s book, the ideas delivered in the book are also can be subject to critique attacks.

The idea of changing just the title, considered by Seth Godin, tells me that the public is not ready so that the marketing taboos are revealed too openly. In other words, Seth Godin needs to be consistent – as a marketer he is pushed to lie from the very beginning, right from the book title. “All Marketers are Liars”, in my opinion, was not just more creative title, but also a more truthful one.

After all, however harsh my position above may sound, I don’t perceive Seth Godin’s book negatively. I think the book stands out and shouts too loud, but it depicts the truth. My critique part about the book is that the book invokes people to lie (or tell stories if you want), and in my ideal world I would really enjoy the book if it were  describing the situation and attempted to rectify it. But it would be quite another genre then.

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