Million Checks Of SiteGround’s Server Response Time And Speed Revealed

Last year I published a research on SiteGrounds’s performance so that you could see if its Time To First Byte (or Server Response Time) is bad or good compared to other 14 hosts that I have been monitoring. The research included the results of 16.5 mln tests. And now, one year later, after testing 15 shared host non-stop 24/7 during 365 days of the year 2019 I’ve accumulated another set of 16+ … [Read more...]

SiteGround Has Bad Server Response Time Or Time To First Byte? Results After 16 Mln Tests

Some time ago one of my readers asked me to comment on his concern that someone says SiteGround had a bad Time To First Byte (TTFB) which is also meant as Server Response Time. Since I’ve been monitoring Server Response Time, hosting speed and uptime 24/7/365 of 15 shared hosts including SiteGround since 2016, I’ve got something to say. To be as specific as possible, I’ve taken the whole year … [Read more...]