SiteGround And A2 Hosting Speed Compared with 52 K Tests During 6 Months

This kind of research on A2 and SiteGround speed is not only unique, but also really helpful in the details. It gives you both the overview of the hosts’ speed in comparison during 6 months and individual hosting speed test results. There were totally more than 52 K speed tests performed from January to June 2020 and analyzed in this article. It’s the 2nd report of in which I compare the … [Read more...]

Which Host Is Faster SiteGround Or A2 Hosting. Real-Time Speed Reports

SiteGround and A2 Hosting are the most popular hosts among the readers of my blog. And in this research I decided to dig into the speed performance of these hosts even deeper than I have ever done and ever seen before! You will see the most detailed hosting speed data that I have access to. From this research you will know: The most realistic understanding of how slow and fast SiteGround and … [Read more...]