WPX Hosting Support Review: Opening A New Era In The Hosting Industry

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WPX Hosting Support Title

In this article I want to analyze the WPX Hosting support and the impact it may make on the whole web hosting industry.

The success of a hosting company depends on several factors. One of the most important ones is providing the kind of technical support that not just makes the clients very happy, but also exceeds the clients’ expectations.

According to explosively brilliant WPX Hosting reviews by its clients on TrustPilot, WPX Hosting made a very bold and quite risky decision to shift from a hosting technical support to a client technical support. In short, this is expanding the scope of technical support from just hosting-related issues to any issues that a client may have with their websites.

By the way, here’s a disclosure: There are some affiliate links on this page. In other words, I get paid if you click on the links and make a purchase. All such links open in new window/tab; no software/program will be installed to your computer. (This is a standard notice required by hosting companies.) Besides, my recommended hosts are here.

Intro or why WPX Hosting support needs a separate post

I made a research on WPX Hosting and wrote a detailed article about the host. I will be referring to this article a lot in this post. The article clearly states that the core element of WPX Hosting success is its technical support.

Not only are the clients with very few exceptions very happy with WPX Hosting support. But indeed it is something of the next level compared to other hosts’ support. Specifically, the core and truly advantageous value of WPX Hosting support is going extra mile whenever possible and it’s called “Fixed-For-You” Guarantee. In short, it means WPX Hosting provides technical support with your website when other hosts say “It’s out of the hosting support”.

The reasonable thoughts that I had during my WPX Hosting research were the following:

  • WPX Hosting support is a great advantage, but it also a great risk. How it may end up for this host and its clients.
  • Why other hosts had not done so regarding their support before.
  • Whether other host can dare to do a similar shift in their support.

These questions are discussable and they are worth a separate article. That’s why this post appeared.


What WPX Hosting support did to make WPX Hosting clients cry for joy

When doing my research on WPX Hosting support and analyzing each and every review on TrustPilot it became clear very soon why the clients of this host could not help but leave only brilliant reviews. The WPX Hosting clients named a huge advantage of the host. Clear and loud. It is the technical support.

It’s not very rare when hosting clients find the hosting support great. But it’s very rare when a hosting support does much more compared to other hosts. And this was exactly the case with WPX Hosting. The clients are deliriously happy with the WPX Hosting support and its “Fixed For You” Guarantee which helped them solve not only the issues connected with hosting performance or features, but also with the clients’ websites .

The clients found it absolutely astonishing and exceeding their expectations. No other host could dare to offer this kind of service before. The actual scope of WPX Hosting support is indeed amazing.

I’ve analyzed all reviews of the host on TrustPilot and categorized them for in-depth analysis. You can read more details on it in my other article’s this section. Also, I’ve marked the most useful reviews so that anyone who wants to analyze WPX Hosting could save tons of time (more information on it is in that article). The usefulness of the reviews I determined by a set of factors. You can read about them in that article too.

Now, let me show you several real users’ reviews which are focusing on WPX Hosting support and that I found to be useful. You will understand what makes the clients so delighted now:

WPX hosting support clayton

As you can see on the review above, WPX Hosting support goes extra mile. This is what many clients happily emphasize. And this is what let this host stand out so prominently compared to any other hosting out there.

WPX hosting support - vierge

This WPX Hosting support review above is quite typical in assessing the hosting quality (the host exceeding expectations, fast and knowledgeable support, going extra mile and helping the client to optimize his website).

WPX hosting support - portis

This was one of the numerous examples when WPX Hosting support goes extra mile and solves the issue which other hosts would just turn down as “this is out of scope of our support”. This kind of service is very helpful for most users dealing with WordPress.

WPX hosting support - isabella

WPX Hosting support is very patient. This is very important for serving beginner users because a huge part of the issues that a user has when hosting a website is the result of the user’s actions and has nothing to do with the hosting itself (sorry if you are a beginner user, but this is true). Moreover, the patient support that solves your issue (not the hosting issue) is amazingly precious indeed.

WPX hosting support - gonzalez

The above WPX Hosting support review reveals a similar point – many other hosts did not satisfy the client until going to WPX. Two years of experience and the guy still recommends the host from the bottom of his heart. This review is also quite typical in how the host makes the clients happy.

WPX hosting support - Bumper

Although there are too little reviews with less than 5 stars, I included this review in my post deliberately. Because I don’t want you to think that WPX Hosting support is a pure magic (although in most cases it looks like this LOL) and that it can always stay like a kind of magic. By the way, In this case the issue was soon resolved, but it was not pleasant experience for the client.

It’s unbelievable that there are just a handful percent of clients who put less than 5 stars for WPX Hosting. Almost all of the reviews have whooping 5 stars. This is not typical for hosts. And that’s why you should know the risks of WPX Hosting. I wanted to show you this review just as a reminder that you should not expect too much from the host even if statistically almost all of the clients are more than happy.

WPX hosting support - Evans

I like this review because the reviewer has quite an experience not only with different hosts, but with different plans (from shared hosts to VPS). And what amazes him is WPX Hosting support while the performance is really great. Even for not beginner users like this guy WPX Hosting support works great.

I could include hundreds of 5 out of 5 star reviews which clients would probably give more stars if they could. You can read them on TrustPilot yourself.

As you can see the most outstanding features of WPX Hosting support that the clients appreciate very much are:

  • The support goes extra mile and helps to fix the issue that are clearly out of scope of other hosts.
  • Very fast reply on live chat.
  • Very fast resolving the issue.
  • The support is very patient (this one I want to expand in the section below).


Very patient WPX Hosting support as the most psychologically pleasing feature for non-technical users

Lots of clients are very thankful that WPX Hosting support is so patient. But in my opinion in goes further than that. It’s not just about the patience. It’s about the right training for pleasing the right audience.

I explained this phenomenon of WPX Hosting success in details in my article’s statistical part that I already mentioned above. This is about pleasing the right kind of clients. This kind of clients is more than happy with WPX Hosting and they will never want to change it for anything else.

In short, the secret of the hosting success is that WPX Hosting support is very well trained to serve the beginner and not very technical users. This is the kind of users who desperately need help with more than just hosting issues, but also the website issues. Also, the beginner users are very often shy, because they know that they don’t know the basics and the want someone to sit with them and patiently explain or even do everything for them.

wpx hosting support humanly patient

WPX Hosting support knows this weakness of their clients and it makes the experience very comforting for the clients. As a result the clients are not only thankful for solving the issues, but they are thankful for the proper treatment before all.

Many not very technical people need human technical support, not just technical support. And WPX Hosting does provide it.

At the same time, the strong sides of WPX Hosting support are the weak sides too. My next section is about it.


Is WPX Hosting support really that good?

The answer to the question above is simple. Yes, WPX Hosting support is amazingly great, but so great not for every type of user. This is important because many people judge very quickly by looking at the star ratings and someone’s shallow recommendations. The devil is always in the details. And I love sinking into the details and share the findings with you.

Before all, according to the hosting reviews, WPX Hosting support does much better job to non-technical and not very technical clients. I made this conclusion analyzing the reviews. In particular, I’ve found that most of the clients of this host who leave reviews are beginners and people who are not very technical skilled.

This does not mean that advanced users dislike WPX Hosting support. But it means that most clients of this host are not very technical people and the host focuses on this kind of clients first of all.

The point is simple. Whereas the beginner users desperately need help in quite simple tasks, the more advanced users less often require the basic going-extra-mile kind of help. And more complicated tasks with their websites that the advanced users can’t do themselves are not that basic. In other words, a developer is not included in WPX Hosting plans (although some reviewers say like with WPX Hosting support you sort of have your own developer).

When reading reviews about WPX Hosting support, it indeed looks like the host does some magic. The technical support satisfies enormously practically everyone by doing unbelievable things. These things include not only doing what everyone would expect from a decent host’s support, but WPX Hosting support also takes many steps further and helps you with managing your WordPress site, fixing your WP issues, helping with plugins, website optimization etc.

I’ve already mentioned “Fixed For You” Guarantee that WPXHosting has, so I advise to read it if you have not done so yet.

This is what any user is dreaming about – keep someone beside you to help you with your website, not just hosting. Just wait 10 seconds on a live chat and your issue is to be solved as soon as possible. But here go my words of caution.

wpx hosting support vulnerable magic

Yes, this is true and WPX Hosting support indeed provides this kind of service according to hundreds of reviews. But you need to keep in mind, that such service would cost you say at least $10 per hour if you hired a freelancer. Compare it with $20-25 per month of WPX Hosting fee and you will understand the point.

In other words, in order to keep the business afloat the host can’t continuously provide this kind of service to everyone for unlimited time. Yes, the hosting does a superb job and makes hundreds and hundreds of its clients scream for joy and satisfaction. But simple calculations say that it can’t last this way for everyone and for unlimited times.

So, I expect that within time WPX Hosting support will continue doing as much as it can. But as the number of clients grows, the hosting support will be able to do less extra work for the clients, or some restrictions may apply, or the price will increase.

Also, the hosting does not guarantee you that the scope of the support’s work includes fixing ANY website issues you may have. In other words, WPX Hosting support has a flexible scope of work that it can do for the clients for free. Depending on WPX Hosting inner management, I’d expect that the scope of support can be adjustable personally for clients to avoid abusing. Or a general quality of service may degrade. Anyway, the hosting support has earned its kudos, hands down, and it continues to amaze almost each and every client.

Another risk which may occasionally come to life of the users of WPX Hosting is connected with the growing number of clients. The more clients there are, there more WPX Hosting support employees there will be. And it’s very hard for absolutely all employees to do the brilliant work. The bigger the company, the more average workers it has in general. Which means more average experience for clients. The host can succeed to keep the standards very high, but it will be not as easy as before when there was not so many clients and not so many employees.

When may the degrading of the WPX Hosting support happen? I think it may be happening gradually. Alternatively, the prices may increase.

I’m telling you about these risks because the reviews of WPX Hosting support may make you believe that this is a pure fairy tale. And very high expectations may lead to less satisfaction. And whereas with any other host you would feel like okay with the support, in case with WPX Hosting you may feel like you have been fooled because you expected wonders.

So, I’d suggest not expecting too much from WPX Hosting support. It’s better to be happily surprised with super high level of service, than being disappointed.

Anyway, as a matter of fact, WPX Hosting support has indeed been considerably better than many other great hosts out there. This fact, WPX Hosting support as well as other advantages of the host which I described here have conquered a very bright place for this host in the hosting world.


How WPX Hosting support raised the bar for other hosts

WPX Hosting support did the thing that many website owners have been dreaming of, i.e. having a technical support that will help not only with hosting issues, but with website issues as well. And it was a huge success. This fact alone can make the shift in the hosting industry.

Now users known that they can get more from a hosting support. And they will seek for that. The only blocking point is the price that the clients are ready to pay. WPX Hosting support has been doing a very good job going extra mile (the clients appreciate it very much) for the comparable price of other premium hosts.

I’d like to emphasize that the guaranteed scope of technical support which would include help with any website-related issues you may have would cost a couple of times more just for the support alone. For the price of WPX Hosting services you can’t expect it to have a developer at your hand or a consultant with unlimited scope of work and unlimited time dedicated to you. And still, even with these restrictions, WPX Hosting support does a superb job for its clients, and the reviews are full of gratitude about it.

The success of WPX Hosting support model is very attractive. And I expect that other hosts may also consider training their support to help with user issues, not just with hosting issues. Also, some hosts may include an additional service to help the clients with website issues. Thus, the meaning of fully managed hosting may expand.

wpx hosting support attractive success

The problem though is to explicitly outline the scope of support. Hosts need to be on a safe side and to avoid abusing its support service. I think it can be resolved by setting the support time limits. For example, a user can use a certain number of support hours per month. A similar time-limiting option is available at the hosts offering managed VPS and managed dedicated servers.

Non- technical WordPress users need extra technical hosting support. And WPX Hosting support is just the early bird which made this option so prominent and appreciated by the clients. Other premium hosts should catch up, get experience and develop the best standards of this kind of support.


The risks of WPX Hosting support that can ruin the host

The main risk of WPX Hosting support is in its main advantage. I.e. going extra mile in support literally for free for the clients can’t be unlimited. And I expect that sooner or later the hosting support may either set more restrictions on what it can do going extra mile, or the quality of the support may go down (to an average level similar to what other premium hosts have) or the price may go up. As the number of clients grows, this challenge faces all hosts to a certain extent.

One more note about possible increasing of the hosting prices in future. I’d be happier if the prices go up for newer users, then degrading the quality of services. But the pricing is a very sensitive thing, and hosts try to avoid it whenever possible. I will watch on how WPX Hosting will handle that.

The bad thing about possible degrading the support from the height where WPX Hosting is now is that people have high expectations with this host. And if the standards are lowered, clients (both actual and potential) will get dissatisfied. As a result, the clients may leave fewer stars in ratings (sort of being offended with “I thought you are different, but you look like the others”).

You can read more about WPX Hosting risks in my other article here.


How you as a client can benefit from using WPX Hosting support

In short, if you are a beginner user or a not very technical person, then WPX Hosting support is one of the best things that can happen in your life as a website owner. Because with this host you have much higher chances to receive technical support for the issues with your website.

Other hosts would refuse dealing with such requests saying something like “unfortunately, it’s out of the scope of the hosting support”. Decent hosts may give you general advice on what you can do. But WPX Hosting support can help you resolve the issue or resolve the issue for you with you not moving a finger.

Please note that I did not say that it’s guaranteed that you will receive the support for any issue with your website. WPX Hosting’s “Fixed For You” Guarantee talks about it (check it out on WPX Hosting website if you have not read it yet). Anyway, according to the tons of clients’ reviews WPX Hosting support does a really great job.

Another thing that can be very pleasing for you as a beginner user or not technical person is the patience of the support. I talked about it in more details above. By the way, I don’t think this is something unique among good hosts focusing on beginner users, but anyway this is something that the WPX Hosting’s clients greatly appreciate.

In short, WPX Hosting support is extremely beneficial for beginner users and not very technical people.

Besides, according to the reviews, technically skilled people also appreciate WPX Hosting support, but the appreciation is not that emotional.


Is WPX Hosting support enough value to buy the host?

In short, I would buy this host only because of its support if I were a beginner user. And if I could easily handle my website issues myself, then WPX Hosting is not the first host in the line to consider.

wpx hosting support value of support

The point is that although WPX Hosting support is one of its strong advantages for not very technical users, more technical people may get a more professional alternative provided you have just one website (e.g. FlyWheel hosting). At the same time, if you have multiple sites, WPX Hosting is very attractive anyway.

Considering other advantages of WPX Hosting, it’s a very appealing option for many people. I described the advantages in short here.

The combination of great speed, affordable pricing for several websites, free unlimited clean-up service AND the technical support makes this host not just appealing, but also a bargain. Other hosts of a similar kind either do not offer free unlimited clean-up service or the pricing makes it quite expensive to host multiple websites. By the way, clean-up service alone can cost $200 per month.



There two main ideas of this article: to realistically review WPX Hosting support and to ponder on what effect this host can make in the hosting industry.

I tried to counterbalance the overly positive reviews on WPX Hosting and its technical support in particular. For now, you don’t need to persuade people to buy it. The host sells itself very well thanks to multiple reasons. And one of the reasons is its support which serves best the beginners and non-technical people.

WPX Hosting has declared to the hosting industry that the support can be more than just for solving host’s issues, but solving clients’ issues as well. This is what clients want from a hosting and what they are desperately happy about. This demand is still not covered by the hosting market. But it’s likely that it will be because WPX Hosting did show that it’s possible and it can bring success.

I wrote a review of WPX Hosting here (I linked a lot to different sections of that article from this post) with the same idea – to explain the risks and the weak sides of WPX Hosting, because it may look like this host is the best option ever possible for each and anyone. No, it’s not. But for some kinds of users (non-technical users, beginners in WordPress, especially with multiple websites, and the price-concerned agencies) WPX Hosting is indeed to be considered as one of the first options.

You can download a PDF version of this article (365 KB):

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