Whether A2 Hosting Has Good Server Response Time (And Speed) After Millions Of Tests

I’ve been monitoring A2 Hosting’s Server Response Time (also known as Time To First Byte) and speed during year 2020. I have gathered more than 15 million test results of A2 and 14 other hosts’ performance. A2 is believed to be one of the fastest hosts out there. I also wanted to analyze if its Server Response Time is good. This article reveals my research results for you. I guess you probably … [Read more...]

Hosting Performance Contest – January 2021 Roundup (The New Era)

Here's the 60th Monthly Hosting Performance Contest Roundup for January 2021! Starting from this month I will report on four hosts and different installations. This is a different approach than the way I used to monitor the hosts for the last 5 years. I installed a default WordPress site with no plugins used ("Lite" installation) on four hosts (A2, GeekStorage, HawkHost and GlowHost). And on … [Read more...]

The Hosts That Performed Best In 2020 (Millions Of Uptime And Speed Tests)

This post summarizes all monthly reports about how 15 hosts performed in 2020. This outlines more than 15 millions of measurements. Also, in this post I will name the most reliable and the fastest hosting in 2020 according to the non-stop tests done throughout the whole year.   Intro I've been monitoring the performance (uptime, full page load time and application performance index) … [Read more...]

Hosting Performance Contest – December 2020 Roundup (The Last Of Them)

Here's the 59th Monthly Hosting Performance Contest Roundup for December 2020! This month is the last time when I report about hosting performance this way. I've cut the number of the monitored hosts. Starting from the next month I will report in a bit different format. The main improvement will be that I will introduce heavy-loaded sites. I will publish more details at the beginning of … [Read more...]

Best Opt-in Plugin: Why I Use ThriveLeads (Updated: November 2021)

  A blog without subscribers is like friendship without old friends. If you are looking for the best opt-in plugin for your needs and budget, or just want to see the advanced features that an opt-in plugin may have, then you will find my review very useful. Update: Starting from February 2021 ThriveLeads is not offered as pay-once-use-forever single plugin anymore. You can get … [Read more...]

A2 Hosting vs Kinsta Advantages– Are They Really Competitors? Comparison Of A Fully Managed And A More Generic Host

I’ve come across an in-depth A2 Hosting vs Kinsta comparison on Kinsta’s website. And as expected, Kinsta underlined its advantages over A2. Although A2 and Kinsta are players in absolutely different hosting categories, I decided to add my input playing an A2’s advocate in this comparison. I recommend both hosts. But unlike any hosting’s sales department, my task is not to sell a host to … [Read more...]

Hosting Performance Contest – November 2020 Roundup (15 Hosts Tested: Fast’n’Stable)

Here's the 58th Monthly Hosting Performance Contest Roundup for November 2020! I've been testing 15 hosts in a non-stop manner the whole month and I'll show you the results below. The interesting observation is that this month the hosts were fast and stable. By the way, you can find the latest roundups here and the performance tables and charts here. All monitored hosts are presented in … [Read more...]

How To Add Tables To WordPress Site Without Plugins

A guy on the Facebook asked me how I add my colorful tables to my blog posts and pages, e.g. like on this page. Also, here’s an example that I made specifically for this tutorial:   Notice the active links inside the cells. The rows get highlighted when you move your mouse over them. The cells get colored automatically depending on the values. And if a table is wider than the screen, … [Read more...]

Hosting Performance Contest – October 2020 Roundup (15 Hosts Tested: Uptime Got Back)

Here's the 57th Monthly Hosting Performance Contest Roundup for October 2020! I've been testing 15 hosts in a non-stop manner the whole month and I'll show you the results below. The interesting observation is that the hosts are fast on the whole and the hosts recovered their uptime mostly compared to the previous month. By the way, you can find the latest roundups here and the performance … [Read more...]

Cloudways Review. The Way To Go Cheaper, Faster But Riskier

Cloudways looks sort of great. Imagine that someone invented an aircraft carrier which is faster and cheaper than other alternatives. It looks very attractive, doesn’t it? But there’s a reason why it may be risky. I will come back to this at the end of my article in the conclusion section. And now let me tell you my thoughts on Cloudways hosting the traditional way, i.e. via a long read, looking … [Read more...]